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I stumbled upon CoasterFanatic.com the other day. I must say it’s quite an impressive site. Other than just being large and comprehensive it offers some pretty neat tools like the “my CF Ride List & coaster count”. Not only can you add, rate, and keep track of your coaster count on the site, but you can ‘take these tools with you’.

The CoasterFanatic.com also offers rss feeds and a calendar that promotes meeting up with other members. Coaster-related web sites have been around since the beginning of the Internet. I still remember rollercoasters.com and the infamous Griswold rating scale. Sites like CoasterFanatic.com are using the evolution of the Web and making a great, useful, and engaging product.

Founder of CoasterCritic.com. My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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