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Mean Streak is All Bark and No Bite
The Mean Streak was probably the biggest letdown of my trip to Cedar Point. This massive wooden coaster that’s 161 feet tall (16 stories) and over 5,000 feet long amazingly amounts to almost no thrills. I will say that it was fairly smooth for its size and age, but what a snoozer! It’s nothing but turns and short forgettable drops. I don’t recall any airtime whatsoever. Just what amounted to a long tour ride around a huge wooden structure. It’s even lacking in speed, probably because you spend a lot of the ride at higher elevations. At least Mean Streak won’t beat you up. My ride in the middle of the train wasn’t very rough at all.

It sounds like Mean Streak was neutered for lack of a better word. It had a great few years when it opened and then for some reason Cedar Point re-profiled the layout and added trim brakes to the first hill. Unfortunately, I never got to ride Mean Streak during it’s betterRoller Coaster Reviews years. All that’s left now is the ‘Not So Nice Streak’. After riding, I recognized a major chink in Cedar Point’s armor. The park doesn’t have a solid woodie to speak of. Final Rating – 5.0 (Average)

Want to know how good a 5.0 is? Check out the CCCS. Also, check out this onride roller coaster video of Mean Streak.

Note – This is an official video that was filmed by professionals with permission from the park.
For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. I rode it in 2007, not sure if any sort of "restoration" would've helped, but this ride made me sore. Cyclone at SFNE was occasionally painful, but at least it was exciting. This is barely a ride anymore – absolutely NOTHING HAPPENS. It was so bad I didn't believe how bad it was and rode a second time with someone else to see if they'd confirm its extreme craptitude. They did.

  2. Left me with a terrible headache…avoid this ride like the plague…

  3. Cyclone is the only other ride I have ever been on that beats you like the Mean Streak. I hate the Mean Streak. I've been to Cedar Point some 35 times, and this ride just keeps getting worse. Tear it down and build a woodie that out-beasts the Beast. That's what they oughtta do.

  4. The ride was EXTREMELY painful from the beginning until the end. As soon as the car took the very first hill, I found myself saying “PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS RIDE TO STOP!!!” It was not fun… just pure agony. During the entire ride I found myself holding my skull trying to prevent my brain from slapping against the inside of my skull. I got off the ride with a terrible headache. I took some Tylenol, but the headache persisted for several days. I was sitting in the very first seat of the first car. That makes me even more concerned. If the ride is this painful in the first seat of the first car, imagine how bad it must be if you are sitting in the last seat of the last car? I cannot stress this enough, use the precious time you have in the park to go on other rides. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO RIDE THIS RIDE!!! It most certainly will cause them a mild to severe concussion. PLAIN AND SIMPLE…THIS RIDE SHOULD BE SHUTDOWN!!!

  5. One word, ouch. This ride up was the most painful experience I had on a coaster up until my ride last year on Cyclone at SFNE. When I had finally convinced my family to make a trip to the coaster capital of the world, I was ecstatic. Upon arrival to the park I looked in awe at all of the rides, including Mean Streak, and I couldn't wait to experience them. After arriving at the hotel we spent a day at the beach before experiencing the rides. During our time at the beach, I unfortunately got a sunburn on my back which would come back to haunt me during our day at the park. We started off the day with rides on Dragster and Millennium and then worked our way to Mean Streak. It looked like an impressive coaster, but as soon as we went down the first drop, I knew this was going to be painful. My back continually hit the backrest of the ride due to the roughness, and my sunburn caused immense pain throughout the ride's course. When the ride finally ended, I felt as if I was my grandfather. Clenching my back, I swore I would never ride this coaster again. A few years later when I returned to the park, I went back on my word and gave the ride a second chance. Even without a sunburn, the ride was still horribly painful and should still be demolished.

  6. Man, I LOVE this coaster. The incredible turns and curved drops just pushed up the incredible adrenaline you'd feel hitting those turns and the sheer rattling as you'd fly down the hils…

    That's just me, but I'll admit, the ride was rough on my back. This is probably the reason why I've only rode on it twice…

  7. I'm surprised you say it was smooth; it was freaking rough for us but everything else seems about right. It had a short line when we got to it -about 2 minutes. We almost rode twice, but the line then was probably closer to 15 minutes and it just wasn't worth it. A 10 minute line would have made it a coin toss. The nearby Gemini racing coaster is much more fun.

    • I rode Mean Streak in 2006. Woodies tend to get rougher over time and from the comments that seem to be the case.

  8. I absolutely loved Mean Streak. Ive ridden it about 4 times and it was great, but I'm also a sucker for wooden coasters.

  9. This coaster I rode opening year and its worse today than ever, boring and bone jarring, will skip this ride on all subsequent visits to Cedar Point

  10. This coaster is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It is ridiculously rough. I've never been on a coaster that made me think I might be seriously injured. After the first hill, I kept thinking, "Get me off this thing!" It was such a RELIEF when it ended. My 10-year-old daughter and I rode this once, and we vowed we never, ever ride it again. I was suspicious when I saw there were no lines and the trains were only about half-full in the middle of the day. I soon found out why. My brain felt like it was being smacked around inside my skull. I had a strange ache in my shoulder for hours afterward, and I was worried I may have dislocated something. I told one of the ride loaders at the Maverick about our experience on the Mean Streak, and he said he tells people to avoid it! He just looked over at it and said, "They should just tear it down. What a waste of lumber and space."

  11. I just rode this coaster for the very first time on 05/24/2011. The only reason I did was so that I could say I have ridden every coaster at CP. There was NO line, and I've heard so many bad things about this coaster, that I opted to ride in the very front. On every uphill climb, the whole train chattered up and down. I was able to reduce the impact on my brain by raising my body up off the seat slightly. I have a feeling that mostly empty trains contribute to the extreme chatter, and that riding in any other seat must be even worse! I didn't feel like I could have been seriously injured, but I was VERY underwhelmed by the ride. Back in it's day, when they didn't have to apply trim brakes to make the ride "safe," I'll bet it was a fun ride. Bottom line… I've ridden it, and have no reason to do so again.

    • That's cool I rode it on the same exact day in the front. i was worried about it since I've heard nothing but horrible things but it seemed like your every day average woodie. It was rough but not horrible and it wasn't smooth either. The ride op told me it was refurburished over the off season and I would recommend riding it to anyone.

  12. I agree with everything "The Coaster Critic" said about Mean Streak. I was at Cedar Point yesterday with some friends and at first didn't go on the Mean Streak because some people said it really hurts your back and neck. However, two of my friends got off it and said that it wasn't that bad. So, I rode it for myself to see how scary it was (I sat in the 2nd to front seat) and I must say that the most scary part was the lift hill. I was expecting it to be much more extreme than it really was. The first drop, at 161 feet, was not that impressive for a wooden roller coaster. There was no air time at all. I think that the Blue Streak was more of a terrifying and exciting ride than the Mean Streak is.

  13. Two days ago, I had the worst eperience I've ever had on a roller coaster when I took a ride in the second row of 161 foot tall piece of trash that is Mean Streak. Upon leaving the station the train immediately shrieked and bumped it's way around the 180 degree turn toward the chain lift. I was literally in pain before the first drop. I've ridden on this roller coaster many times before but in the back. I rode toward the front this time thinking that it would be less painful. I was wrong. It was just as painful if not more so. In fact, it seems to me that the Mean Streak experience gets worse every year. End of story. The ride is a waste of space with no airtime, little thrill and a sure fire way to get major back pain. If anyone from Cedar Fair reads this comment, take my advice as a roller coaster enthusiast and remove the ride. This is a poor ride in all capacities and it's obvious that it was only built to break records. It is poorly designed and although it looks impressive it does not live up to the expectations it creates with its large hill. To any potential Cedar Point visitors, skip the ride at all costs as it is literally the biggest waste of the in the park and one of the worst roller coasters I've ever been on.

  14. I agree with c c that it was not that rough. I was very suprised that it wasnt rough because when I looked at it for the first time i thought it was going to be. I don't agree with the people that say that this ride is one of the worst wooden coasters. Any wooden coaster that is smooth is good for me. Personally, I would rather ride a somewhat boring but smooth ride (mean streak) than a big and thrilling rough one (son of beast, although ive never ridden it i heard it is very rough). Worst woodie ive ever been on would have to be wildcat at hershey or grizzly at kings dominion. I disagree with c c that Cedar Point doesn't have a "solid woodie." I think the BLUE streak was one of my favorite woodies i have been on. It was smooth, and had great airtime! Also the view of lake Erie from the ride was a nice touch. But no wooden coaster can even compare to El Toro, my number one woodie.

  15. I went to CP for the first time this week and agree the wooden coasters at the park are disappointing.

    I rode Mean streak up front on Tuesday. The train bucked and banged me around continuously, very rough. Foolishly I went back the following day and sat in the last seat, what a mistake! It slammed my back and shook my skull. I've head headaches for two days.

    I love wood coasters that shake and rattle and whip but Mean Streak is dangerous. Until now, I considered the Cyclone at SFNE to be the worst wooden coaster. But Mean Streak is my new low. I'll never ride it again.

  16. I went to cedar point today and went on the Mean Streak.I was so scared because of the sounds it was making and the way the cars felt.I seriously thought it was going to derail around those many sharp turns.It didnt beat me up but It scared thee crap out of didnt feel safe at all.I love costers,wooden or not but i never had an expirience like this one-

    If I was assured that they was no way the train could slip off the track I would go on it again. It isnt the most thrilling coaster at cedar point but if it wasnt so rickety it would be a fun ride.But Im afraid its going to fall apart!

  17. I was a ride op on Mean Streak during the summer of '00. We test rode every morning before open. One op per train, front seat. I always left my seat belt loose and gave myself plenty of lap bar gap. Did get a little air time that way at least. I got so used to the chattering, bumping and grinding that I could almost sleep on the thing. My body got used to it. The trim breaks really were cranked that summer though, and I was often surprised that it didn't stall on one of the turns right after the initial drop. Even with trim, it was still a back slayer.

    We had a slogan we often said over the PA that year. "Fear so intense… some call it pain". Indeed.

    Fast forward to today. We were at CP and we were with a CP newbie, so I said "you have to have this under your belt". Plus I like riding it, pain and all. Brings back good memories. Well, to me it was smoother than it was 11 years ago… for the most part. Everyone else in my party got tore up though. They weren't too fond of the coaster at all. Interesting note though, it seems there was almost no trim break today. That thing rocketed. Much faster than it was back then, and faster than it was two years ago when we were there last.

    I agree that it should undergo a complete reprofile or… as much as I hate to say it (the thing looks awesome and it holds a special place in my heart) maybe they should consider taking it out and building a new woodie. That IS some prime real estate!

  18. Wow, you commenters are a bunch of wimps. Have you EVER rode any old wooden coasters in your life? If not, then stay away and stick to your wonderful joyrides. The thing is twenty years old, and has been subjected to the elements. The park is surrounded by water and the coaster is made of wood, it doesn't take a brainiac to figure out the ride will not age well. I rode Mean Streak in May of this year, and just last weekend. It was much smoother in May than it was in September, but it was not unbearable if you know what you are getting into. In fact, I was down-right scared and I loved the complexity of the track design. They do their best to smooth out the rough spots in the off season. You really just need to know how to ride this to enjoy it. Yes, there is technique, which is why the 64-year old guy sitting next to me kept his hands up the entire time and got right back in line afterwards. There are people who LOVE and LIVE for the roughness of wooden coasters, it is a different type of fearful thrill and those who can't handle have no business complaining. As if some CP employee urged you to get onto the train…? I, for one, will not be happy if they tear this ride down like SOB just because of a few whining imbeciles. The people who like these rides don't usually scour the Internet and look for opportunities to complain, so if Cedar Fair is reading any of this, please take every negative review with a HUGE grain of salt.

    • Josh, I haven't been on Mean Streak in years and while I didn't find it as rough as the MANY others have I find it hilarious when people defend rough rides the way you have here. To each his own, but you don't need to call people imbeciles and wimps because they don't have the same pain or discomfort thresholds that you may have. This shouldn't be a shock to you, but you can't expect people to think through the environmental factors and realize that they should skip Mean Streak because its proximity to the lake might have made the ride rough. You also can't expect the average park-goer to know 'how' to ride a rough roller coaster.

      When you, or people like you start holding "How to Ride Roller Coasters That Are Rougher Than They Should Be" seminars or parks put big fat notices in front of their rough woodies that says, "You Might Want to Skip This One If You Don't Like Riding Roller Coasters That Are Rougher Than They Should Be", then you'll be seeing comments like the ones above for a long, long time. Get used to it and stop calling people names because they don't agree with you.

    • While I agree name-calling is unnecessary, I share the frustration with younger coaster enthusiasts– and the general public– who have grown up with B&M steel coasters and GCI wood coasters are much less tolerant of roughness. I skipped The Mean Streak on this year's visit to Cedar Point not because I feared roughness, but because the last time I rode it I thought it was boring and not worth the wait.

      When I ride Prowler at Worlds of Fun– which I think is a great ride that we're lucky to have– I go nuts when I hear the GP denigrating the Timber Wolf because it's too rough. It still has better drops and air-time hills. And when I get lucky and have brakeless rides like I did last Friday night, it blows Prowler away.

    • I've ridden countless woodies and no other woodie was as boring, rough, disappointing, and dangerous as this one was. A real woodie is not this. A real woodie would be Blue Streak, Holiday World's The Voyage, Coney Island Cyclone, SFMM's Apocalypse, Knott's Ghostrider, and many other woodies. I LIKE THE ROUGHNESS OF WOODIES! But not if they are this rough and boring. Sorry guys for the namecalling but YOU josh are the imbecile.

  19. I rode Mean Streak for the first time this year. I rode twice – front seat and second to last seat. I didn't find it that rough, probably because Cedar Fair spent a lot to retrack it last winter, but found it boring and not worth waiting for. All that wood and no airtime … especially when Maverick is next door.

    It was particularly weird to have the ride be that high yet many of the drops don't go down to the ground. It would be a much faster, more fun ride if it did that.

    The weird insults that some have for not liking their internal organs scrambled is beyond my understanding.

    I hope Rocky Mountain redoes Mean Streak to make it a more interesting ride.

  20. I rode Mean Streak about 6 years ago, so I was very little (I think I was just tall enough to ride it). I don't remember any specifics, but I do remember that it wasn't rough. Of course that was 6 years ago, but I don't know why some people HATE this ride. It's not that bad. I rode Wildcat at Hershey Park at around (or at least near) the same time and I remember it being wayyyyy rougher than Mean Streak was. Like Mark said, Rocky Mountain should spice up this coaster a bit.

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