Coaster Critic Headed to Windy City

Coaster Critic Updates

For my last major trip of the summer of ’06 I’m headed to Chicago for Six Flags Great America. I’m looking forward to riding another B&M hyper coaster (Raging Bull). Great America also boasts the Viper which was modeled after the Coney Island Cyclone. Since I won’t be able to make it to the real Cyclone maybe the Viper will do. While I’m in the area, I’m hoping to make it up to the Wisconsin Dells area. Hades at Mt. Olympus, was one of the most talked about wooden coasters of 2005. Also, Avalanche is right down the street at a small mini golf park. Hopefully, I can squeeze all these parks into one day. Stay tuned for coaster reviews and trip reports.

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