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Top 3 Launch Coasters
Those clickety-clack chain lifts are a thing of the past. In case you haven’t been to a theme park in a decade or so, there’s a new way to power coasters. Launch Coasters also known as Rocket Coasters are all the rage these days. This week I’ll count down my Top 3 Launch Coasters.

#3 Storm Runner at Hershey Park – More of a proper roller coaster than those skyscrapers Intamin builds. (Pictured to the right) It features one of my favorite inversions, the Flying Snake Dive.

#2 Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure – At zero to 40 mph in two seconds, Hulk doesn’t seem to offer the most intimidating launch. That’s until you realize you’re being launched up the lift hill, through a tunnel (gamma radiation chamber, for the comic geeks), and directly into a zero-g roll.

#1 Volcano: The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion – There are two exhilirating launches, one of which shoots you out of the top of an ‘active’ volcano. What more do you need to know? Check out my full review.

Honorable Mentions: Kingda Ka, Flight of Fear
Worst Launch Coaster: Hypersonic XLC


  1. Finally! Someone whos top 3 launch coasters dont include kingda ka or top thrill dragster!!!!

  2. I've ridden most launch coasters, and I think the Hulk is the best one. I just love how themed it is! The other good one is Volcano. The launch is always at a different time!

  3. I hope you bring back these awesome blogs. This is what kept me on here for a while.

  4. Felt like I exhausted most of the top 'fill in the blank' coaster posts with all of the Top Thursday posts. If you can think of some good ideas for posts let me know. I could use the inspiration sometimes.

  5. Kewl list. I've done Stormrunner at Hershey, and Volcano at Kings Dominion. (and yes, also, the defunct Hypersonic XLT at Kings Dominion). I do like stormrunner a bit more than Volcano. Guess I'm still a bit nostalgic of the 'old' "Mountain of Fun" at KD, when they had the Haunted River, etc. there as a kid. I was pretty pissed when they took the numerous rides out of the mountain and made it into the Volcano., yet it still is a good coaster, don't get me wrong, I just wish they would have made another fake mountain for it. On another note; I think I'm doing Hershey this weekend and riding the Stormrunner one last time for the year and FINALLY trying Fareinheit. Haven't done that one yet.

  6. Rollercoaster dude…… def. gotta get on Farenheit at all cost…….its a fun ride, prolly my favorite there……but that is still a bit up in the air cause i have never ridden stormrunner (it was down on my trip there this year—-my first return trip in a very long time).

    As for the list, I think you got it right….my 3rd would be FoF…..just cause i haven't ridden stromrunner yet, but i have done all the rest (and they are awesome!!!).

  7. umm… maybe top 3 coasters you rode this year?

  8. Id much rather ride a launch coaster than any other (Excluding Bizzaro) yet. CC, where would Jokers Jinx be on your Top launch coasters list.

    PS.- try top 3 theme/amusment parks

  9. What about top 3 classic woddies?

  10. So, I finally got to ride Fareinheit at Hershey this past Saturday. Was pretty incredible ride. The best part is the lift hill that lays you back and then straight down. Rode it in the front seat, which is the best!

  11. Yeah, TheRealRideWarrior, The Stormrunner IS awesome. Fareinheit and Stormrunner are similar in some ways. Both unique in other ways. I love Stormrunner for it's launch, and now I love Fareinheit for it's first hill. TOTAL AIRTIME DOWN THAT HILL DUDES!!!

  12. Thanks QB3. I think I know what I'll do for my next top 3. Maybe I'll bring back Top 3 Thursdays this week.

    Rollercoaster Dude, I'd love to get back to Hershey to re-ride Storm Runner and try out Fahrenheit.

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