Coaster Wait Times on the Web?


A Web Site that Can Help You Find Empty Queues
Coaster-related web sites continue to evolve. Today they’re more than just a gathering place for enthusiasts or distributors of park information. The team over at felt the need to create an additional site that ‘keeps parks honest’ about their wait times. is a site where you can find the average wait of other park-goers for particular rides at parks all around the world. The site forms its calculations based on wait times submitted by guests. Waits can be viewed by day of the week or by month. is an excellent planning tool for someone that’s unsure of when to visit a park. Check it out before your next trip and maybe you’ll get as lucky as I did when I found this empty queue for Magnum XL-200.

Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

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  1. I go to Cedar Point multiple times a year and the Magnum rarely fills just half of the queue. On Saturdays the wait may get up to an hour, but on most days, the queue is near empty. You wern't "that" lucky. It's fairly common to see that sort of wait for the Magnum. Now Maverick is a completely diferent story.


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