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The Season’s Not Quite Over as Many Parks offer Halloween-themed Events
Halloween promotions at theme parks is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s a smart move by the parks as it can bring in guests at the end of the season when fewer are thinking of riding coasters, ferris wheels, and the like. Most parks in cooler climates (outside of Florida and California) will stay open weekends in October, then close for the winter around the first week of November.

At the best Halloween events like Howl-O-Scream expect:
—Reduced admission.
—Macabre dummies and spooky ‘decorations’ throughout the park. As you can see the ogre in the picture above really caught my wife by surprise.
—Eerie fog in certain parts of the park.
—A good haunted house or haunted maze.
—Strange and sometimes disturbing performers roaming around the park. Last year at BGW, this one would stand completely still, so people thought he was a statue until he jumped at them. It was fun watching him scare people half to death.
—Lastly, if you’re lucky, expect shorter waits and hopefully temperatures that aren’t too cool. Riding coasters isn’t quite as fun when you return to the station with a frozen face.

Halloween-Themed Events at AmusementParks
There are some links to some of the more prominent promotions around the country. Some of the Web sites are really spooked-out for this month.

Six Flags Fright Fest
I yield to Arthure Levine over at About.com to give you all of the details on the Six Flags promotions. I hope he had fun compiling all of that. That Six Flags roach eating contest that coinsides with Fright Fest has been getting a lot of media attention.

Fear Fest
Former Paramount parks, Kings Island and Kings Dominion bring you Fear Fest.

My favorite Halloween-themed theme park at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

HersheyPark in the Dark
Can chocolate be scary? I’ll resist from making the obvious ‘dark chocolate’ joke here. Visit HersheyPark.com for more info.

Check out Cedar Point’s Halloween make-over.

Got any Halloween experiences at parks you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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