Boardwalk Bullet Aimed at Kemah Boardwalk


New Wooden Coaster Coming to Houston Area
The Gravity Group will be bringing their magic to the Kemah Boardwalk (south east of Houston, TX). The Boardwalk Bullet will be one of the few wooden coasters joining the Class of 2007. While this will only be the Gravity Group’s third roller coaster their first two, Hades and Voyage, have made quite an impact in the industry. Voyage and Hades placed in the top 5 wooden coasters of the 2006 Golden Ticket Awards. And in the top 10 wooden coasters in the Internet Roller Coaster Poll, with Voyage taking the top spot. Not to mention, they’re both in my highly coveted Top Coasters list. It’s safe to say Gravity Group is off to an amazing start.

After the loss of Six Flags AstoWorld in 2005, this is great news for coaster enthusiasts in that part of Texas. If Gravity Group’s former success is any indication of what we can expect from Boardwalk Bullet, Texans should be in for quite a treat. Can lightning strike three times?

Do you have plans on visiting Kemah Boardwalk? Leave a comment below.

Check out this video of the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah:

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  1. Hi The Coaster Critic, Thanks for the cool website and helpful information, I live in Houston and I await this coaster with baited breath, Sadly this is all we will have as a resident for now until it hopefully strikes more ideas to build more coasters, You are so lucky to be near so many great parks and rides, I am happy to have discovered this site, Thanks again, Take it easy, Shawn

  2. After you ride the Boardwalk Bullet come back and let me know how it is. I'm curious to hear how this ride is.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Okay I finally made it down to Kemah to ride the Bullet this past Sunday and wow what a ride, I guess the fascinating highlight was how were the Gravity Group able to design this layout in such a tiny space, The ride is awesome in so many ways, I extremely loved the 1st drop as it was approached with a nice steady speed instead of your basic up the lift hill then down the 1st drop, I have read many reviewers highlighting this ride to be one of their top ten's out of hundreds that were ridden, I cant really judge it that high because I dont have too many coasters under my belt but I will say it is definitely worth a ride if nearby and given the opportunity, The sharp and unusual banked turns taken at tremendous speeds on a wooden is not to be missed, and I am not too sure but to me it seemed much faster than 51mph as stated on stats, well maybe it is just me, I hope this helps, Overall I thought it was a very great ride and I will be there soon to get some more rides in, there was a guy that has ridden the Bullet over 200 times since Labor Day weekend opening!!! Well thanks for reading, take care, Shawn

  4. Thanks for the review Shawn. I just added a video of the Boardwalk Bullet in the post above. I was wondering how the Boardwalk Bullet turned out. It sounds like a great ride. If I'm ever in the Houston area I'll definitely make my way to Kemah. After seeing what Gravity Group did with The Voyage, I'm not surprised to hear how great BB sounds. Thanks again for the review!

  5. I had to be the bearer of bad news…but this is the most awful coaster I have ever ridden. Because they had limited space to make a coaster, it is crammed so tight together all you ever see is wood. So don't be fooled that it overlooks the ocean. Doens't really come into play. It is way too jerky to enjoy. just not anything pleasureable about it. Plan on an INSTANT migraine the minute it starts. I'd just returned from Orlando, so maybe my expectations were too high. I live in Houston, so we frequent the Boardwalk regularly. Love the area…but the roller coaster is not that great.

  6. the video isnt working

  7. Okay, I've been on the Bullet five times now, and it is tied with El Toro for my favorite woodie. It wasn't exactly smooth, but it was perfectly tolerable. It is true that it is smoother when it runs faster, as my night rides were the best. It was VERY intense, with great laterals and air.


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