Pleasurewood Hills Gets New-ish Coaster


Pleasurewood Hills, located in England, will receive a displaced Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster it will call Wipeout. In its two previous lives Wipeout was Missile at American Adventure Theme Park (I love that name for a coaster themed after America) and it was Coca Cola Roller at Glasgow Gardens. It will be the tallest and fastest coaster in the Eastern part of England.

RCDB has pictures of it in one its former incarnations.

Any Brits out there excited about this coaster being added to Pleasurewood’s line up?


  1. I live in Norwich… and yes I am excited… we have not had a roller coaster like this in the area (and at pleasure wood) for years and years… although they should of no way knocked down Magic Mouse… that was just legendary!The roller coast itself does not look like a "meaty one" it looks quite short and snappy (quick thrill). I do not think it will be as popular as Magic Mouse with the normal crowds… we shall see

  2. Magic Mouse does looks like fun. Too bad it got moved to France!One of the pictures of Wipeout on RCDB shows a sign that calls Wipeout the "tallest and fastest coaster in the East". I guess it's definitely a welcomed addition for your region then. I'm probably a little spoiled over here in the States. Thanks for stopping by.

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