Mystery Mine @ Dollywood Reviews


Early Reviews of Dollywood’s Mystery Mine Roller Coaster

A correspondent from ThrillNetwork was on-hand for the official opening day of Mystery Mine. In case you’re out of the loop, Mystery Mine is Dollywood’s new heavily-themed looping roller coaster. Careful, this feature has spoilers and will likely take some of the mystery out of the ride. If you want to be completely surprised, you might not want to read it. If you don’t mind knowing too much, check out the article: ThrillNetwork – Mystery Mine Review

Additional reviews are starting to pop up over at ThemeParkCritic. Check them out here. Out of the three reviews posted, it’s received two 9’s and a 10. Not too shabby. Too bad I just went to Dollywood last July.

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  1. I went on a roadtrip to TN last week with some friends to Dollywood. The new Mystery Mine is AMAZING! We had the opportunity to ride it twice in a row for being VIP… and both times were equally crazy! It's worth the wait! It's not like any roller coaster I've been on… different and new. Lots of fun surprises await you around every turn… 😉

  2. My wife and I currently are in Pigeon Forge and went to Dollywood today and just returned to our hotel room within the past 25 minutes. We did Dollywood from about 11:00 am to 5:30 pm or so. The very first ride I wanted to check out was, Mystery Mine, and it was. Overall I was mildly impressed with it. It had a nice surprising drop or two here and there, particularly towards the end after the bursts of fire. But overall, I wasn't really blown away by it. The theming was ok, and the line wait wasn't too bad.

  3. Thanks for the Mystery Mine reviews. Hopefully I'll be able to get to Dollywood again in the next few years. I'd heard the theming was pretty strong and the overall ride was pretty good.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Anyone know what to lok for on itunes for the mystery mine theme song? Or if it is even on itunes?

    • I wouldn't bet money on it, Prof, but good luck in your search.

  5. i also like the tennesee tornado it is also realy smooth and fun

  6. my fav ride at dollywood has to be the mystrey mine it is realy smooth but yet realy scary


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