Maverick: Open For Business


Maverick Survives Heart Surgery
Cedar Point’s blog OnPoint! has reported that Maverick is finally open. The opening was delayed due to modifications that needed to be made to the track. Now it’s clear that one of the inversions was removed, much to the disappointment of enthusiasts.

The heartline roll was replaced with an s-curve section of track. In my opinion the heartline roll appeared to be one of the highlights of the ride. It was taken low to the ground in a rocky canyon in the last third of the ride. Check out this Maverick coaster video to see it.

On the bright side Maverick doesn’t look to be a one-trick pony. It will still have more exciting elements than you can shake a stick at. Including the two launches, a tunnel, that 95-degree drop, and 2 more inversions.

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  1. I do like the maverick a lot it is one of my favorite rollercoasters


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