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Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure - Roller CoasterTwin Peaks: Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster
One of the most common comparisons in enthusiastland involves the two tallest and fastest roller coasters on Earth. It’s like Everest and K2. They are very similar strata coasters that launch riders from 0 to 100+ miles per hour in a matter of seconds. They both take riders over 400 feet into the air only to send them spiraling back down to Earth.

Since Six Flags Great Adventure’s Kingda Ka was built second, it bested Top Thrill Dragster’s 420′ peak by 36 feet and added a second 129′ hill. Thanks to a rainy day at Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster closed before I was able to ride it. So I really can’t give a clear cut winner from my ride experience. But I’ll compare and contrast what I’ve observed of the two rides.

Theming the Sky Scrapers
Kingda Ka’s Golden Kingdom is nice, but Top Thrill Dragster’s dragster-inspired trains, station, and observation area take the cake.
Edge: Top Thrill Dragster

A View from a Hill
On a clear day you can see New York City and Philadelphia from the top of Kingda Ka. TTD’s view of Lake Erie and Canada(!) is probably more memorable.
Edge: Top Thrill Dragster

Ride Experience
Again, the rides are pretty similar and I seriously doubt the additional 18 feet on Kingda Ka’s drop is perceptible. Ditto for the heights at about 42-stories and 45-stories and the speeds at 120 mph and 128 mph. Kingda Ka does boast that second hill which does offer some airtime in certain seats.
Edge: Kingda Ka

You decide! I’m sure some of my readers have ridden both Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster. Which ride gave more airtime on the top hat, felt faster or smoother? Which did you just enjoy more? Leave a comment below.


  1. TTd is way better cause only lap bars feels like u gonna die people say they like kingda ka cause its safe well u stupid cause it is more fun when it isnt safe

    • You sound very intelligent

    • totally agree:)i've only rode ttd and it was amazing!!! i mean it could have been alot longer and added some more stuff to it, but over all it was great! i would like to ride kk to, but i love cedar point and they have the best roller coasters! and as far as design goes, well i would haft to give it to kk, but thats just my point of view.

      • see you say design goes to KK but if you think about it design should go to TTD i mean after all it ids the original and KK is just a knock off

      • yeah, i'm a CP fan who has ridden TTD too. haven't ridden KK but want to.

  2. I vote The Top Thrill Dragster because:






    • I'm not sure that it's the best ride ever, but close













    • I came here to see what the difference between the two rides were when I stumbled on this post.. Sorry dude, but I have to tear this apart….

      1) Yes, we know it's taller. But that doesn't necessarily make it better.

      2) In your opinion it's a better logo. Not everyone shares that opinion

      3) Again, Your opinion. Not shared by everyone.

      4) Who says it's more popular? I had never heard of the KK until today.

      5) More Better Speed? Most of us would use the phrase "Faster".

      6) Better Design? It's the same design. Both coasters look almost identical in design with the exception of the second hill.

      7) Better Ride. We will come back to that.

      8) Better Color? Your opinion. I prefer the color of the TTD.

      9) In a better place? TTD is in Cedar Point! It's basically on an island surrounded by other roller coasters!! This is definitely your opinion, again.. not shared by me.

      10) No Coaster has beaten it's height. This is the only one of your "facts" I agree with.

      So going back to #7. Is it a better ride? That's what i came to this site to find out. I have riden the TTD. Infact, I rode it the first year it came out and stood in line for HOURS because the ride broke down CONSTANTLY. Seems like that morning they just couldn't get the train to make it all the way up the hill. It kept coming back down backwards. They finally took the rear car off and all seemed fine. And was it worth the 5 hour wait? YES! (For me anyway).. And what I am trying to find out is.. Is it worth my time to go to NJ and jump on KK? Or will I be disappointed because I have already been on the better of the two.

      • so all that stuff is your opinion too

      • Either way ceptor, Six flags Great Adventure is one of the best six flags parks. It's home to Nitro, El toro, and soon will be home to the Green Lantern. It Has plentey of good rides, and you should go anyway. KK isn't the best ride in the park.

      • No honestly, I'm not siding with KK, but it is DEFINITELY more popular. When people read the guiness book of world records, they see KK as the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

        • Actualy, now KK's just the tallest, but your point is taken.

        • More popular? Not according to the golden ticket awards.

          • The Golden Ticket Awards is a joke. They vote for the same parks for the same things every year, and seem to hate Six Flags. With that said, I can't make an opinion on TTD since I have never been to CP. I will say that KK is a ride that everybody should experience at least once in their life.

      • I totally agree w/you!

    • Have you actually been on either? You sound ten years old and your answers are stupid.

      I know you'd be older and maybe more mature now, but I felt a need to reply lol

      • Do not accuse one of being 10 years old! (he could just be an adult with a really screwed up brain) lol

    • Only cause they waited till the amazing CP came out with a great ride tha's why it's faster and higher and as for the locotion… well get your head out of the gutter cause Cps view of Canada and the lake way beats KK's view

  4. ^when you said top thrill dragster you said that it had a better name, but when you said kingda ka you said that had a better name.

  5. You have to go with Kingda ka. Ive rode both and kas forces are stronger, i think the themeing for it is great, whereas TTD is kinda lame. Ka is more powerful and frightening and I think currently has better ridability, trust me I got a rollback on TTD.

    • Lucky!!! we all dream of rollbacks. Those are sweet! You get a free ride and you don't have to wait in line for another ride!

      • Yeah! I wish i could have a rollback! TTD is way better than KK

    • rollbacks make it fun i would count myself lucky to get a rollback 😉

    • What! I wish i could have one (a rollback)! that fact puts TTD in the lead for sure!

  6. TTD is so much better. I've rode them both and on kindom ka your all safely secured inside but on TTD all you have over you is a lap bar. And the theme is better.



    • Make up your mind kid! TTD. No wait, KK, now back to TTD!

      • I think someone hacked your poll. Or people kept repeatedley hitting The TTD button. Either way, 2 billon? Think about it.

        • I agree hahah i know right two billon

        • yes think about how many billions went to CP and rode the better non knock off version and voted for it cause its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

    • So more than a quarter of the world's population voted in your poll?

  8. I have never rode on TTD, but I have been on Kinda Ka. I personally think that the name Kinda Ka is better then top thrill dragster, but I don't think that that really maters. I live closely to Six Flags Great Adventure so I go there all of the time, yet I have only been on Kinda Ka twice. This is becase it is always closed, and secondly I think that the two hour wait is not worth it. So not ridind TTD, I can not say that I think that it is better, but they were the original so Kinda Ka is just a copy with like a few feet of modifications. So I pick TTD.


  9. Cole, 2 billion is 1/3 of earth's population. I can safely say that 2 billion people haven't heard of the ride.

    • you mean 1 fourth

  10. I think that Cedar Point deserves the title of tallest and fastest roller coaster in thr world. After all it is the roller coaster capital of the world. PLus dragster has a way better theme and seat restraints.

    • Yes, but, is it taller and faster? No, it isn't.

      • Was it the original? Yes, it is.

  11. Give my vote to the Drag queen. It's the original, it's got the smaller restraints, and it has the better theme. Kingda Ka is a great ride, don't get me wrong, Ka is a great ride too, but Drag just has that little edge over it.

  12. I've ride both rides.

    The differences are not as big.

    The TTD is give you more of A THRILL probobly because of just the lap bar, better theame and on top of that the park is better overal you can ride Millenium Force and Magnum XL

    The KK the waiting time is a fraction of what I had to wait for ttd. 2 train operates constantly.On the plus side there is another good ride in the park you should not miss:Nitro

    Overall I have to give the first place to TTD

    • Were rating coasters here, not parks.

      • well, i and others have been doing a little bit of both

  13. I have ridden both and want to say they are both awesome rides but are also very similar.

    Top Thrill Dragster Pluses:

    – no shoulder restraints

    – the sound of a dragster engine in your ears before the launch is awesome

    Kingda Ka Pluses:

    – Faster Acceleration (128 mph in 3.5 sec vs TTD at 120 mph in 3.8 sec) After riding both the acceleration on Kingda Ka is a bit more intense

    The rest of the attributes of both rides are almost identical because the extra height of Kingda Ka and its second hill make no real difference to the ride experience.

    PS. The rollback phenomenon on these coasters is awesome and I hope to one day experience it. It's basically two rides for the wait time of one!!!

  14. i think dragster is better, it is in the center of the park…and shoulder restranits suck

  15. just becasue the ride is taller and faster dosent mean its better. i have been on both and from my point of view TTD is better. for two resons…..1. it is much much smoother than kingda ka……2. TTD has lap bars, kingda ka dosent, the lap bar gives TTD a much higher thrill factor because the rider feels as if they are going to fall out due to the much higher rang of motion you have while you ride……… put your argument in to prospective…..the 36 foot difference is not nocticeable, your body is so overwhelmed by the launch that when your at the top you have about one second to look around, which your not really worried about becasue your thinking of the drop a head not the view you have, so that 36 feet might as well be a foot….as far as speed goes, yes kingda ka does go faster and get to top speed faster, but your talking about .5 of a second faster, pro baseball players have more time to hit a 90 MPH fastball. so i dont think that we can tell the difference of the launch. As for the speed, the launch happens so fast for both rides that if you rode both back to back you cant tell an 8 MPH difference. its impossible for a human brain to see a difference while moving that fast.. last point, if cedar point and six flags swtiched the tower part of each ride, and paint them the same color, with out any one knowing, no one could tell the differnce, from the ground or on the ride, they are way to alike in speed and height.

    To make a long argument short…….TTD is better for one point and one point only…..the lap bars…….give the rider a higher thrill.

  16. I think it should have been spelled poll, and i don't think that about one third of the worlds population has ridden both.

  17. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS! THEY'RE AWESOME! I just went to six flags darien lake yesterday, and I went on the ride of steel for the first time. It's my favorite roller coaster… so far. I might go to cedar point next year… THIS HELPED ME A LOT!

    • Glad to hear it, did you ever find yourself at CP?

  18. I can't say which is better cuz I haven't ridden both but kk was realy fun and ttd dosent look to better, and about the shoulder harneses theyre realy just afalse comfort probly a scam six flags made to get people who are afraid of coasters into them. just like sasquatch as a matter of fact, the great escape is basicly a better version of a famiy theme park there are mostly littlekid rides and there ading sasquatch so that littlekids start to like thrill rides and go to there other parks.oh yeah next try to compare the thunderbolt to the cyclone or magnum to the ride of stell.

  19. I've only ridden Kingda Ka so far, but I have to say the theming seems better on Kingda Ka. The queue line goes through a jungle, and you get on in this "temple" sort of thing with banners hanging from the ceiling saying the records the coaster has, and much of the launch is hidden in jungle-like trees. The lap bar on TTD does seem cooler than Kingda Ka's, though…. but the airtime hill on KK..

    • I like the "Apex Predator-Apex Coaster" Idea, and the Golden Kingdom is Realy well done, excluding the way-too-bright souvinear shop, that seems to ruin the athmosphere of the place.

    • That is the problem with Kingda Ka's theming. What does a launch have to do with jungles and temples? Drag racing, however, is very much associated with launches and extreme speeds.

  20. Personally, i think that Top Thrill Dragster. Its really well themed. The trains look cool looking like drag racers. The track colors look unbelievable. And when you get to the top, the view is breath taking!!!!!!

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