Carowinds to Close Flying Super Saturator


Get Wet While You Can – Flying Super Saturator to Close
Carowinds will close Flying Super Saturator at end of the 2007 season. FSS is a steel suspended coaster where guests could use water canons mounted near the ride to shoot water at riders. Its a very similar coaster to the RollerSoaker at Hersheypark. No word yet as to why the coaster is being removed. I would assume it that ridership was low and/or the cost of operation was high.

*UPDATE*- Flying Super Saturator will be removed to make room for Geauga Lake’s Boomerang coaster, formerly known as Head Spin. Read more here.

Anyone sad to see Flying Super Saturator to go? Any guesses as to what Carowinds will put in its place? Leave a comment below.

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  1. the are taking it out at the end of the 2008 season and is being replaced baecause carowinds is starting to focus more on extreme coasters it has been confirmed that it will be replaced by head spin from the now defunct gealuga lake amusement park.

  2. I loved bombing innocent civilians on the super soaker. IF I had a bad day at work I would go to carowinds and reak havoc on that ride. MWAAAHAHAAAHAHAHAAA!!!! It was very therapeutic!!


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