Astroland Closes For Good

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The Historic Brooklyn Park Appears to be Closing for Good
It’s a sad day for theme park enthusiasts. New York City has been planning a new Coney Island for a few years and it looks like there’s no room for Astroland and in the plans. The developers plan to offer tourists a new park, hotel, restaurants and time-share units on 10 acres of land between West 10th and West 15th Streets and south of Surf Avenue in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Unfortunately, a space for Astroland and its many flat rides and attractions could not be found.

Luckily, since the legendary Cyclone was named an official city landmark it is safe from being removed. However, the rest of the park will likely be removed. More details at the New York Post.

Anyone needing to vent their outrage or mourn, leave a comment below.

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  1. Is the wonder wheel safe?

  2. The Wonder Wheel is a part of Deno's Wonder Wheel Park and their site states that the park will be open for years to come.Also, this blog: Kinetic Carnival may have more information.


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