Carowinds Trip to Close Out ’07

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Carowinds Trip Next Week
For my final trip of the season I’m planning a return trip to Carowinds, my new home park here in Charlotte, NC. I went back in 2004 with my then fiancee. The park was full of clones and similar coasters so we skipped quite a few. Plus, BORG Assimilator had just opened and had an extremely long line. I’m looking forward to getting on the coasters we skipped: Hurler, Carolina Cyclone (used in the blog header above!), BORG, & Ricochet. But I’m also excited to get back on Top Gun. It’s one of the best inverted coasters I’ve been on right behind Alpengiest and Montu. Not to mention “Highway to the Danger Zone” playing in the station.

Got any riding tips or general park tips for Carowinds? Leave a comment below.

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