Dark Knight Roller Coasters Invade Six Flags Parks


Dark Knight Roller Coasters Swoop into Six Flags in 2008
Six Flags looks to mass produce (well mass produce in coaster terms) a new indoor roller coaster for three of its parks. In 2008, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ), Six Flags New England (Springfield, MA), and Six Flags Great America (Chicago, IL) will get Mack Wild Mouse coasters enclosed in a Batman themed building.

The Name Game
Normally I can’t stand Six Flags excessive recycling of names, (see my rant here) but at least these Dark Knight coasters will coincide with the Batman Begins sequel. Christian Bale will reprise his role as Batman as he battles the Joker played by Heath Ledger in the “Dark Knight”. It’s set to open July 2008. Six Flags had to rename the B&M Floorless Coaster also called Dark Knight at Six Flags New England to avoid confusion. So there’s more strategy behind the naming of these new coasters than usual.

To get an idea of what Dark Knight will be like, check out this onride video of the Ricochet at Carowinds . It’s the exact same Mack Wild Mouse model that will be used in the new ride. Just imagine it in the dark with lots of Gotham City-esque theming.

**UPDATE – 04/30** – Six Flags New England’s Dark Knight will not open this year. More..
**UPDATE – 05/22** – Check out this new Dark Knight video that Six Flags just released.
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  1. Unlike all (or almost all) of the other comments, I happened to like the Dark Knight coaster.Is it on the same level as El Toro, Nitro, etc. Of course not, but it wasn't intended to be. It was geared towards being family coaster that everyone could enjoy.We waited 75 minutes this past Saturday (6/24) getting on the line about 6:30pm, and off the ride by 7:45pm. At the time, the line was out to the front of the queue. Was it worth 75 minutes, no – but then again, I don't think any ride is worth more than a 15 minute wait.To me, it is a better ride that Skull Mountain (which also had a 60+ minute wait as late as 6:00pm – but had no wait by 8:00pm). Skull Mountain, btw, received some new themeing (a skull, some pumpkins, and some stobe lights) and seemed a bit faster than years past (even faster than when we were on it late last month).I look forward to when the lines subside, and I will be able to ride the Dark Night multiple times without gettting off (ala Skull Mountain later in the day).Last side note – while every coaster, including Rolling Thunder, had 60+ minute waits Saturday around 6pm – Great American Scream Machine was a walk on – made me happy as I still like that coaster (other than sitting in the back which is a bit rough).Ed

  2. I just rode this "coaster" at Six Flags Great America last night. What a waste of almost 2 hours of my time! I first attempted to ride it shortly before noon. The start of the queue is outside of the old auditorium that was in that corner. The staff member manning the entrance told us 45-60 minutes. We were on a somewhat tight schedule since my daughter was dancing at the dancefest, but we thought we could fit it in.After spending 20 minutes in the outdoor queue we finally entered the old auditorium building to find at least another hours worth of queue. Disappointed we left the queue and tried to find another ride before her dance.We came back at 7:00PM and were told the same 45 minutes. This time we walked right into the old auditorium building, but that was still filled. After an hour of waiting in that room we finally entered the pre-show. I was impressed with the pre-show. It was on the caliber of a Disney pre-show, so I really thought I was in for a good ride.After the pre-show you enter a long hallway for another 15 minutes of waiting. The theming here was laughable. They tried to "age" the gray steel beams by spraying rust colored paint here or there. You spend the entire 15 minutes hearing the same loading spiel over and over.Finally the ride. As others mentioned it was bad. The lit special effects only serve to light the track so you can see the "surprise" bumps in the track. I was mildly startled by one effect, but not by much. It was physically painful to ride because you are thrown side to side during the ride. No sharp drops, just some quick bumps and lots of 180 degree turns. Lame.The entire family thought it was horrible including my 6-year-old son and my 9-year-old daughter.Wait till next year to ride it when the line is only 10 minutes long, because that is all this ride is worth waiting for.What annoyed us the most is how clueless the staff was when it came to predicting the line wait. They should know by now that it would take almost 2 hours if the entire queue is full (and with the Flash Passers jumping in).Ride Ragin' Bull 3 times instead. You will be much happier.

  3. worst ride in the park no lie… it makes skull mountain and the runaway train seem thrilling. I want my hour in lin e back. it wasnt that dark, very little theming once in the seat and no drops… yuck.

  4. Honestly, I didn't expect to much from the Dark Knight Coaster. I knew it was going to be a wild mouse style coaster (which was dissapointing) i also had discovered before riding that the ride put a lot of emphasis on special effects. However, even with my low expectations, i was SEVERELY dissapointed. I really expected 6 flags to wow me with this ride, but as the others have said, it was simply lame, no other word to describe it. Problems with this ride:1- Because its not dark, there are no real surprises.2- No real drops.3- No batman. No joker. Its hard to see most of the theming since the tracks are short and your moving quickly. 4- IT WAS BORING. And thats that.Honestly, its not like a highly themed coaster can't be done, just look at Universal Studios' "The Mummy". 6 flags half-assed this ride to a T. The concept was great, but it didn't work out. I would advise you to not bother with this one unless the line is under 20 minutes.

  5. Horrendous. Not worth a 10 minute wait, let alone a 1 1/2 hour wait. The worst ride I have been on. I am warning you, don't waste your time. Very disappointing.

  6. Well, I wish I would have read these reviews before wasting 2 1/4 hrs of my life. Actually, if the ride had no line wait, I still wouldn't go on it. That is how awful it is. I can't honestly say anything good about it. Six Flags GA needs a new coaster in a bad way. I sure wish I lived closer to Cedar Point!. Alan

  7. The new "The Dark Knight" roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ is not only one of the worst roller coasters I've ever been on, but one of the worst rides I've ever ridden.I went to Great Adventure today. I hate Great Adventure but Girlfriend Melina likes it, so we went. I hate lines, so we got a mega-expensive gold flash pass so we didn't have to wait in line with the peasants.We both love Batman and were really excited that there was a brand new Batman ride. So of course the first ride we went to was The Dark Knight. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait in line for this glorified carnival kiddie ride. I would have been infuriated if I had to wait in line for this complete and utter disappointment of an attraction.The Dark Knight is an indoor roller coaster. When you first get inside the building, you're in a cold room that they made a half-ass attempt at making look like a monorail station in Gotham. Then you watch a press conference by District Attorney Harvey Dent from the new Dark Knight movie. He talks about fighting crime. You can't really hear what he says because of all the sparkling wiggles in the room with you who jibbajabba during the presentation. Then the video gets all screwed up because the Joker broke it, or something.Then you leave the room and get to wait in line some more before boarding a little roller coaster cart. Beyond the boarding station, your cart goes into a very dark room and goes up and down some two-foot hills and makes a few sharp turns to jerk you around. There's some flourescent Joker graffiti sprayed on some of the walls in the darkness.The coaster's top speed is a whopping 28 MPH. This is the same speed as the Space Mountain roller coaster, which this attraction is failing horribly at ripping off. Space Mountain uses tricks to make you think you're going faster than you are. The Dark Knight doesn't bother. It's about as thrilling as wearing a blindfold and having your grandma drive you down a bumpy road.This ride gets two thumbs down — WAY down — from me and Melina! It's sad that it is the flagship new attraction for Great Adventure this summer. The space this ride takes up would better serve as a restroom or animal feed storage. If you are unfortunate enough to have to go to Great Adventure, do not, DO NOT waste your time waiting in line for this ride, or even riding this ride.

  8. I'm actually going to Great Adventure this weekend. I always get the Flash Pass because I can't stand waiting in lines especially when you have line jumpers that are never seen by park officials. After reading all the negative feedback on this ride, I will probably only key the ride up if I get to the park really early, before the crowd gets there. I'm not wasting valuable "real" coaster time to wait for a kiddies ride. When I first herd about this new ride, I was really excited. I thought it was gonna be like this indoor space ride they have at King's Dominion which is awesome! That ride launches you off like Kingda Ka. It's really fast and it goes upside down. You don't know what's up from down. I'm not a fan of the "crazy mouse". It makes me kinda sick. It's too repetitive. I'm just sooo pissed that they removed the Watertown Effects for this crap. That log flume was one of the best parts of going to Great Adventure during the hot summer. It was a way to get soaked and laugh then do it again. I'll miss it. I sure hope this ride fails with fans and everyone boycotts it. Maybe then they will see we are pissed and want "real" rides.

  9. I just rode this at Six Flags Great America today. I was astonished at how bad this "ride" is. Even "Ragin Cajun" beats this one into the ground. There are no surprises, the whole set looks extremely generic and the wait in line is likely to be more than an hour. However, once the word gets out as to how bad this ride is, you'll probably be able to just walk right up and ride it if you wanted to. I can't believe this is our new "attraction". We never get anything groundbreaking like King Da Ka. Superman(ONLY in the front seat) and Raging Bull are still fun, but those even get old after a while. This ride is so weak, I think my 2 year old son would be able to handle it. They call this a "MAX" thrill. Surely, they must be joking. This one will be gone in 3 years. No kidding. What a waste of 7 million dollars! Does anyone review these designs?

  10. Heard it was terrible. Went to six flags in chicago yesterday. My freinds waitied 2 hours but i didnt waste my time waiting for it i went on other stuff. They said it was horrible. More for familys. I think u can tell when u see how tiny of a space the coaster is in that its not going to be that great. They need a new indoor coaster like the batman but inside in the dark!

  11. i waited on line for an hour and 20 minutes after hearing all the hype about this ride. when we got closer to getting in, people who had just rode the ride walked out in dusgust with their thumbs down. but we were curious and still gave it a shot. this ride seriously sucked, it was just like the crazy mouse you would see at a carnival. it was wack as anything and the video in the begginning was lame and the room they made you wait in was FREEZING.

  12. in Nj batman is at the first turn on the right crouching down….and joker is hanging over one of the walls…..i didnt think it was a great coaster but i took it for what it was…

  13. Made me glad I got FlashPass, and didn't have to wait in line for this well over-hyped CRAP!

  14. I went to Six Flags today and used a "Flash" pass, so my wait for Dark Knight was only 20 minutes. We were in line next to the exit for the ride. At least 1 out of every 2 people left the coaster TELLING us how horrible the ride was. Once inside, we watched a lame video. My expections couldn't be lower.Unfortunately the ride had no surprises at all. It was basically LEVEL, with lousy, slow turns. Totally pathetic. I wouldn't go on this even if there was no wait. Ride El Toro and Nitro! Much better.

  15. The wait was only 40 minutes, but I'd rather watch grass grow. It was a terrible ride. It's not even good enough to be called a ride. The website rates this coaster 'moderate' and that's exaggerating. It was a waste of 7.5 million dollars, and they're better off tearing this down and should work on bringing back Batman and Robin, Stuntmans Freefall, etc. I'm a thrill seeker and this was definitely no thrill. Even people who are afraid of roller coasters have said that it was boring. That definitely says something..

  16. All, I can say is luckily we used the flash pass for "dumb, I mean dark night", so we only waited 10 minutes to get on it. I think Six Flags spent more money on the stuff in line leading up to the actual ride; then they did for the entire ride itself, very slow no "big moment" during the ride, if I had a pillow, I colud've taken a short nap. This ride sucked.

  17. Ok, I wish I had thought to come to this site BEFORE our group trip to SFGA. Can you say WASTE OF TIME?!?! Two hours of my life I can't get back, and didn't even get to ride one of my favorites, El Toro! We were on a time schedule, and we chose Dumb Night first to make sure we got it in. Whomever approved this crappy ride should be fired. We went on Skull Mt. and waited all of 20 mins, and that was a hundred times better. I hope these comments help someone else that doesn't like wasting time. SFGA, please CLOSE THIS RIDE!!!!!

  18. this coaster is hands down the WORST ride i have ever been on. at great america i waited 2 hours for it. basically everyone wanted to try the new thing. it was a children's ride. the first half is spent making repeated "S" patterns. its more like a tour than a ride, and the decorations arent even good. biggest waste of time, money, effort, hype, ever! and it tainted the Dark Knight's name!

  19. At first, I was exited to ride the Dark Knight coaster, and you have to admit, the theaming was prety good(althou only during the openig video (That led to a line that was longer than the one you finaly steped out of, like it could posibly be longer)) .But the line wasn't worth it.And in line, the only thing that was there to enter tain you is a big screen with a camera on top, on it, you see a joker mask over your face, but the height requirement is 36 in. but you need to be 5' to actualy see your face on it! The video was good, but even after the part that actualy made sence was over it was just a bunch of crapy pictures with pretend blood spilled over it just to scare little kids.The ride itself was horible!they didn't even think to bank the turns the only fun part was the unexprcted airtime.and C.C. if your reading this, heres the awnser to your question: exiting is the bast part of the ride.

  20. My family and I just came home from Fright Fest at Great America in Chicago. The Dark Knight was our first ride of the day. We saw the movie during the summer. It was awesome. We had been anxious to try this ride all year, and so headed straight for it as soon as we entered the park.Now I know how it must have felt to see PT Barnum’s Egress.When it was over, we spent most of the day talking about how disappointed we were with this ride. After coming home, we found this page on a Google search, and it was uncanny how many of the same criticisms we made were posted here: The lack of any Dark Knight content during the actual ride including any appearance of Batman or the Joker, the generic aluminum panel building, the anti-climax, and particularly the lame coaster it was built around. Everyone had great expectations for this ride, and it did not deliver.I expected something like the Revenge of the Mummy ride at Universal (for those of you that haven’t been on this, it’s an awesome ride. Universal does it right). I would expect the ride to carry the story forward. There would be confrontation between the Joker and Batman, and the ride would become a true roller coaster. Instead, the ride takes you through a bunch of cheesy sounds and generic visuals (glowing “Ha Ha” graffiti, flashing lights, machine gun sounds) while whipping you around 180 degree turns. I seriously thought that the entire “mouse coaster” / “light show” crap was just a build-up for something far better to come because this just couldn’t be all there was. We went over a couple of small dips and I’m thinking “Ok. Here comes the good part”. We turned the corner and saw……people being unloaded from the ride. There it was…the exit. WTF.It was stupid. It was predicable. It was like somebody took a copy of the “Ragin’ Cajun”, swapped the spinning cars out for fixed trains, and put a big box over the top of it. And like other reviewers said, there was still enough light inside to see what was coming (thus no real surprises or thrills). Lame, lame, lame.The Six Flags web site rates the Dark Knight coaster with a *Max* thrill rating. That ranks it up with Raging Bull, Superman and V2. But guess what…so is Ragin’ Cajun. Whatever. They’re on drugs. Try medium at most. Both the Dark Knight and Ragin’ Cajun could rank top in the physical abuse and annoying categories. Both are probably an 8 out a 10 on the whiplash scale.My wife says that instead of the Dark Knight, this should have been called the Big Left Down. My son says the coaster should be moved to the “Wiggles World” section of the park. Speaking of Wiggles World, there is ride there called “Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad” which give’s you a birds-eye view of the park from a spinning, fruit-shaped platform. My 10 year old daughter said she would rather ride that, than the Dark Knight…no lie.Those of you that complained about the time you waited in line – think about it. This was probably the best part. It’s the only place you got to see anything at all remotely pertaining to the movie.The Dark Knight + Heath Ledger’s Joker = Mouse Coaster????My initial thought was: What pack of overpaid, expense account abusing, executive retards at Six Flags made this call? Did they do any legitimate research on the project at all? I certainly don’t claim to know anything about running a theme park. I didn’t even know that this type of ride was called a wild mouse coaster until tonight after reading these reviews. But did any of the Six Flags executives actually watch the movie or do any research before designing this? The movie was awesome, a wild ride in itself. It raised the bar all other films in its class. It was exciting, fairly intense I might add. I was hesitant to take my kids to it, but eventually did. So how can a person knowing anything about this movie conclude “Hey, I know the perfect way to build this! We’ll use a MOUSE Coaster!!!” Someone as Six Flags did, and the coworker that heard this must have failed to slap him hard across the face and say “Idiot!!!”The reason was more obvious though. It was really just about $$$. All I needed to do was a little research the Wild Mouse Coaster. Read this from Wikipedia:“Throughout the 1970s and 1980s the Wild Mouse type coaster was nearly extinct. However, beginning in the mid-1990s, Wild Mouse-style rides made a comeback for two reasons: First, they were cheaper than larger, conventional coasters; second, they added to a park's "coaster count" with minimal impact on cost and square footage.”So there you have it. The task was to build a theme park ride representing the second highest grossing movie of all time. And Six Flags answered with a mouse – one of the cheapest coaster technologies available. It’s just typical, large corporate corner cutting BS. I’m sure that explains the absence of any Dark Knight content within the ride itself which must translate to a savings in royalties to WB. Well judging by the reviews, this strategy was clearly a winner. With a disappointed customer base, poor reviews, damage to their reputation, and millions wasted, you would hope an exec or two will get sacked for this. Ticket sales and passenger counts will tell. I’ll probably take my family somewhere else next year. And I plan on warning everybody I know to not waste their time with this ride.Six Flags executives need to get their butts down to Florida to the Universal Parks to see how to really make successful entertaining themed indoor roller coasters. Then they should rip down the Dark Knight, rebuild it right, and beg for forgiveness.

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