Kids Banned from Busch Gardens for Griffon Stunt


Stunt Results in 2 Year Ban from Busch Gardens EuropeBusch Gardens - Griffon Station
Two college kids were banned from Busch Gardens Europe after they were accused of tampering with the park’s new roller coaster, Griffon. One of them was stuck in his restraint holding up the line and the two full trains waiting to be unloaded. Meanwhile, the other taped the incident with his cell phone.

Sounds innocent enough until Busch reported that out of the 1.5 million riders since May the harness has been stuck at the end of the ride only twice and both times Matthew Sassone, one of the college kids was involved. And the park accused them of using some type of metal object to tamper with the harness. So Busch has revoked their season passes and banned them from the park. Check out the full story at NBC’s Wavy TV 10.

Here’s 1 of their 3 YouTube videos. Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame guys:

Do you think Busch should’ve banned the kids? Leave a comment below.

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  1. They shoulden't have been banned.It was a malfunction and that does not diserve them to be banned. The kid stuck even had his legs purple.

  2. I'd believe it was a malfunction if it didn't happen to the same kids twice. Busch wouldn't just kick some kids out of the park unless they were up to something. It's not really a good business model to boot people from your park. Especially after the bad experience of being stuck on a ride. I think they wanted their 15 seconds of fame.

  3. If the SAME kid is getting stuck and his legs are turning purple, they WHY would he want to keep riding it??If I got stuck, I would NOT WANT TO RIDE IT AGAIN.Also, WHY would this SAME KID get stuck unless he WAS doing something to cause it??? Just to suspicious… It's someone looking to get rich by filing a phony lawsuit against the park.

  4. I would give them one more chance. If it happened to them again, I would blame them, but maybe it was just the slim chance it was a coincedence.

  5. i would blame the builders (B&M) fo the incident if the company didn't have such a good history

  6. I`d have to agree whith you on that one JaMeS, if they had a bad history.


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