Top Steel Roller Coasters of 2007


Superman: Ride of Steel Retains Title as Top Steel Coaster
This year’s steel coaster Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards weren’t half as interesting as the Top Wooden Coasters. There were no new entries from the Class of 2007 just a re-shifting of last year’s list. With Cedar Point coasters always ranking so high, I was surprised that Maverick didn’t make the list. I’m not as surprised about Griffon or Mystery Mine. They’re both great coasters, but not quite top ten material.

Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England is definitely deserving of the top spot. Check out my full ride review including an onride video.

Below is the complete Top 10 Steel Coasters:
*=Coasters that I’ve ridden.

Golden Ticket Awards – Top Steel Coasters of 2007
1 Superman: Ride of Steel* – Six Flags New England
2 Millennium Force* – Cedar Point
3 Nitro* – Six Flags Great Adventure
4 Apollo’s Chariot* – Busch Gardens Europe (Williamsburg)
5 Magnum XL-200* – Cedar Point
6 Expedition GeForce – Holiday Park
7 Phantom’s Revenge* – Kennywood
8 Goliath – Six Flags Over Georgia
9 Top Thrill Dragster – Cedar Point
10 Montu* – Busch Gardens Africa (Tampa)

What do you think of this year’s winners? Leave a comment below.

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  1. 5 Questions:5)Why is Expedition GeForce the only foregin coaster on both lists?4)Why is Top Thrill Dragster on the list, and not the Kingda ka?3) Why is that one trick pony doing on the list:2) Why isn't Stormrunner on the list?1)Why is Montu on the list, and not Alpengeist?

  2. Good questions. The GTA's are essentially a popularity contest. Even though they take votes from international enthusiasts, there's going to be an American bias. With this sample of Amusement Today readers it's no surprise that American parks & coasters dominate the list.For a less America-biased Top 10, check out Mitch Hawker's Internet Poll. It uses head-to-head matchups instead of most total votes and it includes a ton of international steel and woodies in its top tens.4)Why is Top Thrill Dragster on the list, and not the Kingda ka?3) Why is that one trick pony doing on the list:The cynical side of me would say that it's because TTD is more popular b/c it's at the almighty Cedar Point. Check out my TTD vs. Kingda Ka post for some reader opinions. It may be more than just a CP effect. Top Thrill's probably the better coaster, but I still don't think it should be in the top 10 ten coasters in the U.S., much less the world.2) Why isn't Stormrunner on the list?I liked Stormrunner, but it just wasn't long enough to merit a place in my top 10 and I'm not too surprised it's not in this top 10. It's fun, but too short.1)Why is Montu on the list, and not Alpengeist?Your best question of them all. I would assume some prefer Montu over Alpengeist. Simple as that. I put them pretty close, but prefer Alpie's large, enormous elements and insane speed to Montu's more compact, closer to the ground layout.Thanks for stopping by.


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