Top Wooden Roller Coasters of 2007


Voyage Takes Top Wooden Coaster at 2007 Golden Ticket Awards

At the 2007 Golden Ticket Awards, Holiday World’s Voyage has over taken Dollywood’s Thunderhead in its second year in existence. This isn’t too surprising and is well deserved. Check out my full review of the insane and intense marathon that is The Voyage including an onride video.

While I have my own Top 10 Wooden Coaster list, I don’t have a problem with the 2007 GTA’s list for the most part. It’s interesting to note that 7 out of 10 of the coasters aren’t at major theme parks. You’ve got to go a little off the beaten path away from the Six Flags and Disney parks to ride a world-class woodie. Proudly, I’ve ridden 9 out of 10 of this year’s GTA winners.

What’s the Deal with Raven?
I really don’t understand enthusiast’s love for Holiday World’s Raven. It’s a pretty good coaster at best, but it’s elevated to a level that I don’t think it quite deserves. I’d put Holiday World’s Legend which was bumped out of the list by El Toro over Raven. El Toro will continue to climb year after year as more enthusiasts get back to Six Flags Great Adventure and ride it. It HAS to move it, it’s just too good.

Below is the complete Top 10 Wooden Coasters:
*= Coasters that I’ve ridden.

Golden Ticket Awards – Top Wooden Coasters
1 The Voyage* – Holiday World
2 Thunderhead* – Dollywood
3 Phoenix* – Knoebels Amusement Resort
4 Boulder Dash* – Lake Compounce
5 Hades* – Mt. Olympus Theme Park
6 Shivering Timbers – Michigan’s Adventure
7 Raven* – Holiday World
8 Beast* – Paramount’s Kings Island
9 El Toro* – Six Flags Great Adventure
10 Lightning Racer* – Hershey Park

What do you think of the 2007 Golden Ticket Award’s top wooden coasters? Are there any woodies that you think should be in the list? Can you explain Raven’s popularity? Leave a comment below. Picture courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. I got to ride both The Voyage and Thunderhead in 2006 and I put The Voyage ahead. I got off of my first ride on Voyage feeling physically drained. I've never ridden that "hard" before! It's only #2 on my top 10 list, though, because my beloved Thunderbolt at Kennywood will always be #1 in my heart!

  2. I agree, Voyage is just an insane ride. That triple down in the dark blew me away on my first ride. I rode Thunderhead last summer too. And it was fun, but for me not as memorable at Voyage.

  3. I think Hades should be pretty far up there. I do admit the first half of it was much more fun than the second. Shivering Timbers will always be one of my favorites just because I've rode on it forever. The first drop is amazingg…and then the second… and then the third. Plus the people who work on Shivering Timbers are usually fun and talk to the riders unlike the people who run Hades.


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