Batman & Robin: Chiller Being Dismantled


Batman & Robin Being Removed from Six Flags Great Adventure
Another Great Adventure roller coaster has met its fate as the park is quietly removing Batman & Robin: The Chiller. According to the October 1st edition of the Kevin and Nate Show podcast, the coaster has been sold to a company in Europe. The dueling launch shuttle coaster was a unique attraction, but like other coasters at the park was down often.

Unfortunately, I never got to ride The Chiller as it closed (shocker!) on both of my visits to the park. It looked like fun, but unless I make a coaster trip to Europe, I don’t think I’ll ever be riding it. It will be interesting to see what park it resurfaces at and how they will re-theme it.

More on the removal at Six Flags Great Adventure Source.
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Will anyone miss Batman & Robin? Leave a comment below. Photo courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. Apparently a ride dealer in Poland has purchased Batman & Robin with hopes to sell it to another park. No word yet on any parks that might be interested in a launched, dueling, shuttle coaster.


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