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Kings Dominion Adds Dominator for 2008
Another Geauga Lake orphan has found a new home. Today, the official announcement was made that the B&M floorless coaster Dominator will dominate the Kings Dominion skyline next year.

An Inviting Concrete Setting
In true Kings Dominion fashion the ride will be located on top of the existing park instead of in the acres and acres of untouched wilderness surrounding the park. It had a cool setting in a marshy area on the edge of the lake at Geauga. In its new home it will sit in the parking lot next to the swinging inverter ship Berserker. Similar to G.A.S.M.’s setting at Great Adventure. The general public won’t care but this kind of thing irks me. At least that other Virginia park knows a thing or two about theming, atmosphere, and integrating roller coasters into a park.

A Strong Addition to the Lineup
On the bright side, Dominator is a great ride. It’s easily one of my favorite floorless coasters and also one of my top 10 or 15 seated looping coasters. There’ not a real need for this type of coaster, but it will satisfy the general public, especially those who haven’t ridden a B&M coaster. Aside from a smooth, twisted ride and great capacity that’ll keep the line moving, it features:

148′ drop (14 stories)
Record setting 135′ tall vertical loop
Cobra Roll (2 inversions)
2 Corkscrews
Floorless trains
For more information see King’s Dominion’s press release.

Check out this onride video of the Dominator:

**UPDATE – 05/20** Dominator’s open! Check out photos and a video from media day in this post.

**UPDATE** I have posted a new photo from March 9th that I took showing the progress of Dominator. View the picture here.

Anyone looking forward to Kings Dominion’s newest addition? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The 2008 park has been posted for Kings Dominion. It's funny how they make all of the rides look bigger than they are.

  2. The hill after the MCBR, first corkscrew, and quick turn after the corkscrew are completed and painted orange! The track should be finished by opening day and everything after the MCBR is painted orange already, along with random parts of other track orange also.

  3. Can anyone tell me how much Xtreme Skyflyer will cost, I plan to ride it opening day? Thanks.

  4. Extreme Skyflyer costs $29.99 per rider, or $18.95 per person for 3 according to this ThemeParkInsider listing. I'm not sure how up-to-date it is though so you may just want to call the park to be on the safe side. I admire your bravery. I love roller coasters (obviously), but those skyflyer type attractions look scurrry!Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Can anyone tell me what is happening at KDConnection? When I tried to get on the site it said KDConnection is shutting down. I do not have time to take care of the site or forum.

  6. Those are some Great Pics! I knew the changes of the Italian Coaster and Firefall Names but i did not know why until i read this forum! I did not realize that they only had the Paramount Name for the last season. It makes sense now! I live in WMBG close to BG and plan not to go there this year becuase personally i think they are not good anymore they have only 5 coasters and they seem to be a bit boring now. I can't wait to go to KD and ride Dominator. I am going to KD tomorrow 3/25 for the day and am looking forward to seeing the construction myself!

  7. about 825 acres at last count mostly undeveloped little over 200 developed

  8. I was just at KD this past weekend, and the park seems to be going well from what I can tell. My family and I really like this place. Its around a 6 hour drive for us, but we have enjoyed it last year and so far this year. I thin the cedar fair takeover is just fine from what I can tell. There is lots of shade, the park is not overly big, and its easy to navigate around the place. Just my two cents

  9. Oh and dominator does not block the view of the volcano.

  10. We drove up for the opening weekend of Dominator. didnt hit me till we about to board, we rode this before, last year at Geauga Lake. At Geauga Lake there was no line and could ride over and over. At KD plan on waiting in line. KD is not going downhill. come down to Carowinds if you want to be board. Just few decent rides and OH, they got YOYO from Geauga Lake, LOL. was glad when heard of the flight of fear move to carowinds untill said it would be an outside ride. happy they changed minds and KD keep it.

  11. The Dominator has no line. I was kind of hoping that it would relieve some of the lines at the volcano or flight of fear but you just walk up and ride. So the lines at the volacano are still long. The volcano is way better. Flight of fear is way better. And the person that said the park is going downhill is right. It's a mess compared to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. I went only to Kings Dominion for years cause my kids like the water park. I finally went to Busch again a couple years ago. I don't think I am going back to KD. Dominator is good but The top 4 at Busch blows it away, easily. And there are easily 6 better coasters at both parks. But you can ride it over and over and it is good.

  12. I didn't mean that last comment to be anonymous.


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