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Who Reads a Blog About Coasters?
Using Google’s web analytics software Google Analytics, I’ve been able to track the usage of the The Coaster Critic’s Blog. By the way, if you have a web site or blog, I highly recommend GA. It’s easy to set up, has a ton of features, and it’s FREE. If you have any questions about it, feel free to drop me a line.

A Little Name Dropping
Anyway, it’s been interesting seeing where my visitors are located and it’s been neat seeing what posts are the most popular. I’ve seen traffic from everything from government facilities, car dealerships, universities, banks, the CIA and NASA. Some of my most notable visitors have been from within the walls of companies like MicroSoft, Google, Dell, Amazon, and Apple. There are a lot of bored worker bees out there looking for coaster info. More important than the aforementioned technology giants are the companies in the theme park industry that have stopped by over the past year and a half. I found visits from Hershey, Herschend (Dollywood), Six Flags, Universal Studios, Disney, and Anheuser Busch.

A Little Geography
Visitors have come from literally all over the world from countries like France, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, India, and even Iraq. So I thought I’d list my top five coaster reviews based on my traffic. Two of my top 5 are pictured to the right.

Top 5 Most Popular Roller Coaster Reviews:
5. El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure
4. The Voyage at Holiday World
3. Millennium Force at Cedar Point
2. Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England
1. Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure

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  1. You did not give enough info on your roller coaster supmit i am very disapointed by tomorrow i would like to see more or i will have it taken off. Do I make my SELF perfectly clear it will be taken off!!!!!!!

  2. You can see where each of us are? That's kind of disturbing.

  3. It's not as disturbing as it sounds. I cannot see where each of you are. Only that the site's getting traffic from certain places. There's no way for me to know 'who' specifically it is that's visiting the site. Like I mentioned in the post, the company networks are identified, but for most visitors hitting the site it just says the name of the ISP like 'comcast','roadrunner', or 'verizon'.

  4. pretty cool if you ask me.


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