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Pony Express to be World’s First Horse Coaster?
The announcements for new roller coasters just keep on coming. Yesterday, Cedar Fair released a press release detailing the $88 million dollars in expenditures for 2008. Most of the additions were old news. The $21 million investment for Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland is the highlight, but it also mentions Thunderhawk at Michigan’s Adventure, Dominator at Kings Dominion, Voodoo at Dorney Park, a new children’s area at Cedar Point, and an expansion to Carowinds water park.

The unexpected part of the release was a blurb about a new roller coaster for Knott’s Berry Farms:

Riders will saddle up on one of two, 12-passenger trains, riding “horseback” as they are launched forward at the beginning of the ride. Featuring low-to-the-ground maneuvers, hairpin turns and steep banks, Pony Express will be ready to thrill riders in the Ghost Town section of the park.

I was wondering when we’d see a Vekoma Booster Bike in the states (pictured here). Unfortunately, it looks like Pony Express will be a different kind of coaster with similar bike/horse-style seating. The 12-passenger trains referenced in the press release sound more like a Zamperla Motocoaster, seen in this video here. Knott’s Berry Farm just got Sierra Sidewinder last year, so this must come as a surprise as parks usually don’t get two new roller coasters in consecutive years. Hopefully, more details will surface in the coming days. Until then, check out these construction photos at Screamscape.

Anyone from SoCal excited about the Pony Express? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I'd be happy either way, but I really want that booster bike!

  2. I agree. Those booster bikes look really cool. But either way the different seating position offered by Pony Express will bring something new. At least to the U.S.

  3. Well, I am really unhappy about the direction of KBF. Though I love coasters, every year that passes where CP owns KBF, more of this park dies. Bring back the family friendly approach of Knott's.And I remember when Knott's had a motorcycle coaster in the Roaring 20's Airfield, later replaced by the Soap Box Derby.This news just gets on my nerves.

  4. Ya i just went on it last weekend its quite fun… its short though. Instead of having a tail they have a thing that comes up from its butt and its like a cushion thing that pushes your back so your chest is being pressed on the padding, you hold on to the metal handlebars and thats it no belt no nothing. That thing that pushes your back hurts everyone went "ugh" when it pushed there back and some were sayings" it hurts" "im gonna get breast cancer" adn it realyl did hurt! its os unexpcetded in line it looks slow adn smooth but its not…. u go fast up adn u turn slowely and go down do a side turn and all that stuff… being one of the first people in the park i went on that first and i was in line first! the ride is incredibly smooth,… they wont let you aon if ur feet dont touch the ground. When the ride is done everyone goes "ahhh" as the cushion is released and u are free to leave… its wonderful but i would not reccomend it to people that don'tlike drops and gaining speed…. but its nice… I liked it! They were giving out free hats and bandanaas at the Pony store (they take your picture by the way) and you can see what you were doing! Its nice!

  5. Uhhh… what? So you did like it or didn't like it? The Sierra Sidewinder is hilarious BTW, especially watching the video after.


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