Roller Coaster Museum Proposed for Geauga Lake

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Two Possible Fates for Geauga Lake’s Future
NewsPlusNotes has posted an ad showing the parcels of land for sale in and around Geauga Lake. The blue area in the center of the map labeled “Not Available” is for Wild Water Kingdom. If things continue as planned it will be the only thing left of the park.

Meanwhile, the American Coaster Enthusiasts are trying to save the Big Dipper and the other wooden coasters that are being sold by Cedar Fair. ACE hopes to either save the Big Dipper and reincarnate it in some type of mix use development or even redevelop Geauga Lake into the new home of the National Roller Coaster Museum. Thrillnetwork has the full story.

For on the Geauga saga see my Geauga Lake posts.

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  1. Are they still going to do this if one is opening in texas?

    • Nope. I'm pretty sure that they're just doing the Texas museum now. I think the Geauga park people are some of the same people behind the Texas one or they've taken over the efforts.

      • i hope they build one close to New York.


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