X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain Announced


Six Flags Unveils Sequel Coaster | X2 for 2008
X2 - Six Flags Magic MountainX at Magic Mountain was the world’s first 4th dimension roller coaster. Instead of riding above or below the track, riders are positioned beside the track in seats that spin. Here’s a really good look at one of X’s trains. If that doesn’t sound insane enough, Six Flags is taking X2 to the 5th dimension(?) with $10 million dollars worth of audio and visual enhancements.

I haven’t been to Magic Mountain, so I can’t speak to the 4D experience. But it definitely looks cool. I just need that business trip in SoCal and I’m there. For more details visit the official X2 site.

Also, check out this onride video of X at Magic Mountain:

Here’s an up close look at the new trains in a behind the scenes video of X2 by Robb Alvey.
Anyone ever ride X at Magic Mountain? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Great coaster, but the 2 to 3 hour waits just kills it for me. MM has only run 1 train on this coaster after the first year it opened. The new trains (and hopefully new theme music) should help with the Xcruciating wait times.

  2. Man! That coaster is amazing.Fortunately when I last visited the park I just waited like 5 min.But yeah, the station and stuff are really crappy, poor and out of care; I hope that this remodelation incluedes the hangar and we'll see how it ends up.For sure the new colors will give X a cooler look but that's not all!

  3. Ive been on the ride about 5 times myself the ride is great and gets you unexpected several times the first drop is something of a new experience to rollercoasters cant think of any other coaster thats better but its quite short

  4. This is my favorite coaster along with Goliath, Tatsu, and The Riddler's Revenge, followed by Deja Vu. It's great that it's getting remodeled.

  5. i have ridden x several times. way over fifteen to be exact. i am helping with x2. its going to be fanominal. i cant wait!! i would liek to be the fist to ride it. in 7 months i have attended sixflags magic mounain 54 times. i liv eonly five miutes away. i can see MM from my school and home. i love magic mountain!

  6. You have to go on X it is amazing!!! I have gone on it like 10 times and I am obsessed!!! Everyone I knows loves it!!! we all gave it 5 stars!!! Go there and ride it!! You will LOVE it!!!

  7. X is like the best ride ever. I just would love to know when X2 opens,all I've found out is that it opens spring '08 but I'm positive that its going to be awesome.

  8. I can't believe nobody has mentioned the audio! This is like the biggest change and it sounds amazing. Kudos to six flags for putting that together.

  9. X2 is amazingIt was worth the wait and we didn't have to wait that longthe fire and the twists and turns are sick!best rollar coaster ever!!


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