Hypersonic XLC Missing from Kings Dominion’s Lineup


Kings Dominion Clears Out Some Junk in the Off Season
Screamscape noted in a recent post that Hypersonic XLC is missing from Kings Dominion’s thrill ride page. As I reported last February, the ride has been for sale and you can still see the listing here. Even though there is no official or visual confirmation the ride has been removed, there’s a good chance that Cedar Fair finally took it out.

While I applaud Kings Dominion’s effort in bringing something unique and innovative to the theme park landscape, this coaster was poor at best and I won’t miss it at all. Check out my rather generous full review of Hypersonic XLC to see why.

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  1. I do my amusement-parking with a few adult friends with autism. This is they only ride ever that they said they did NOT want to ride again! Judy P in Pgh

  2. i hate that it was short especially after waiting 4 hours in line. but its been oone of my fav coasters fr a while now. and to hear it gotten taken down is a shame and foolish


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