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Most Popular Theme Park Web Sites
Alexa is a web site that gathers the browsing behaviors of people who have installed the Alexa toolbar. It’s not the most accurate way of measuring the traffic, but unlike other panel-based traffic monitoring services like Hitwise and comScore, Alexa’s rankings are free. I entered five web sites that I figured were the most popular: ThemeParkReview, ThrillNetwork, ScreamScape, UltimateRollerCoaster, & CoasterBuzz. The chart below shows the daily reach over the past year for those sites:
ThemeParkReview seems to have the largest share of visitors (Alexa toolbar users). ScreamScape seems to be next and after that they’re all about neck and neck. That huge spike for ThrillNetwork during late June, looks familiar. I saw the same spike in my web traffic. It’s got to be a result of the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom accident were the girl’s feet were severed.

Do you think these really are the most popular roller coaster sites? Do you frequent any of these sites?

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