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T-Express | Intamin Terrain Woodie for EverlandT Express - Intamin Coaster - Everland
One ticket to Seoul please. T-Express is the name of a new roller coaster opening in Everland in South Korea. It’s an Intamin pre-fabricated wooden coaster in the same vein as the critically acclaimed El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure and Balder at Liseberg (Sweden). Intamin has created a new generation of wooden coasters that are as smooth as steel coasters. I can personally vouch for El Toro as it’s 3rd on my Top Coasters list.

T Express Coaster - Everland KoreaAside from the silky smooth ride it should give, T-Express is built on a hill and makes use of the park’s terrain. Terrain coasters (like Boulder Dash) are another favorite of mine. Also, at 5,838 feet long it’ll be the 6th longest wooden coaster in the world. It looks massive and the station and neighboring builds (not pictured) look great. T Express is the name of Korea’s largest cellular company. That’s kind of a weird way to name a coaster, but there are worse names out there.

Check out these T Express construction photos. It looks amazing. The closest I’ll probably ever get is one of Robb Alvey’s Coaster Expedition DVDs, but it’s better than nothing I guess. Image courtesy of AttractionR2 Blog.

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  1. OMG, Best roller coaster Ive ever been on. I've always loved the wooden ones since i was a kid. Ive been on roller coasters all over the world, and i've never really shouted going down the drops…This time on the T express I found myself cursing loudly unintentionally, I was that surprised! I was really impressed with the smoothness of the entire ride. I also like the workers in the beginning, they were always motivated polite and enthusiastic. I always like to sit in the back on the wooden ones u u get pulled and whipped down n around the track…its funny cuz i made my gf(korean) go on it with me, and she was scared from the beginning. Right before we took off he said to her in Korean, yea, this is the scariest seat on the ride… She was like omg, omg Ericccccc… She loved it as well! I wish they put the camera on the first drop cuz i would have loved to seen my face! Also, the Eagles Fortress the yellow metal one is awesome too!! My eyes never watered so much as they did in Everland!

  2. Thanks for the T Express review. It sounds awesome. Gotta love those Intamin prefab woodies. El Toro here in the U.S. has a similarly smooth ride.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Definitely the scariest ride I've ever ridden. But well.. I haven't tried much coasters so.. shrugs… The T-Express is a beast! The slow ride up, the impending realization that you're so frigging high up there, that first drop was a killer! And the whole ride never really slowed down it just kept going and going! Very fun 😀

  4. Rode T Express (twice). Loved it. Expected to get beated up like every other wooden roller coaster I've been on, but this one was awesome. I'd have to say best ride to date. If you get to Korea, it's a must ride.

  5. it is the only good ride in everland. it is amazing.

  6. Rode this last week…. I have to say, it was almost KREEPY smooth. I was expecting the iconic "click click click" of usual Wood Coasters… but this was smooth.

    Also, if felt like the coaster ITSELF had some airtime… which was wicked cool.

  7. The drop on this coaster looks awesome. Wow when you say that its creepy smooth, i think that takes out the point of a wooden roller coaster. Wooden coasters are suppossed to throw you around but not alot. I know that theres alot of woodys that throw you around to much but since its that smooth i dont think theres a point to woodys anymore

    • Excellently said, Matthew. That's why I don't personally like El Toro.

  8. The best ride ever! The first drop was totally awesome! I can't scream, I just closed my eyes and woah! I find myself laughing after the ride, i'm with my two sister and they left me seating alone behind them! Haha.

  9. This ride looks so fun! A lot of people say this is better than El Toro! I couldn't belive it!

  10. I rode the T express last week. I am 47 years old and have ridden the Thunderbolt and Jack Rabbit in Pittsburgh, the Magnum 500 at Ceder Point, the Beast at Kings Island (and all the other coasters at those parks). I have to say, this is one of the very best. The first time I rode it, the super steep drop and the g forces were so intense I had a hard time enjoying it. I got off the ride and my legs were weak and I'm sure the blood had drained from my face. I was thinking, "So this is what old feels like." But I had to try it again. The girl who rode with me the first time refused — she hated it without qualificatio. But the second ride was fantastic. Just a great coaster. The"negative g's" (I think they're called) are the best I've encountered. Unfortunately, the rest of the park is geared more for toddlers and infants. Anyhow, the T Express is a winner.

  11. Been on hella roller coasters in cali and in illinois and this one is by far top notch. rode it twice today and it is the only roller coaster where i have been scared to raise my arms the whole time, every other one no problem. I felt myelf coming out of my seat in the front row on every down and upslope and it was awesome and i was laughing the whole time. I then rode the bck car and it was spectacular as well. If you are in Korea and like coasters ride it as much as possible.

  12. It was really awesome..

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