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Six Flags Releases Dark Knight Coaster Video
Six Flags is building an indoor coaster themed after the new Batman Dark Knight movie at Six Flags Great Adventure (NJ), Six Flags Great America (Chicago), and Six Flags New England (Mass.). As you can see from the video, these coasters could turn out to be pretty cool with the right dark ride-like elements. Even though there’ll be just a pretty standard wild mouse inside those Gotham-themed buildings, this may turn out to be a pretty fun ride.

Check out this teaser video of the Dark Knight coaster at Six Flags:

What do you think of the video? How do you think the Dark Knight Coasters will turn out? Leave a comment below.


  1. They will turn out great. It may be a pony coaster but it is major ride. According to the thematic sequences of the ride, there will be a dramatic pre-show and lots of sirens, explosions and noise and a themed subway station appearance. The ride itself will involve water drops and steam sprayed down from the rusted pipes above and a simulated explosion from a truck with hot air blown on the rider as they dip into darkness. I don't think anyone will care about the coaster design as much as the dark ride experience. I'm wondering if this ride should be called a coaster to begin with because 85% of the money is going into extensive theming and movie quality effects. The coaster is just a platform enabling the dark ride thrill. See the link below for thematic events:http://www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/darkknight/TDK_Render1


  3. The best place to find out would be one of the Six Flags fan site message boards like the one at Great Adventure Source. I'm not sure which park you're asking about but all three parks have pretty active fan sites. If that fails then call the parks themselves. Hope this helps.

  4. I went to Six Flags and wanted to get on The Dark Knight coaster right away. I waited in line for two hours, and I was greatly disappointed in the ride. The ride is mostly just a bunch of fast, sharp turns and a few small ups and downs. Not scary at all. They build it up like it's going to be scary, but once you're on the ride it's just dark with flashing lights showing random Joker type things throughout the ride. If you want to go on the ride I wouldn't wait in line for over 30-40 minutes to get on, because I (and about twenty of the people who I walked out of the ride with) did not think it was worth the wait at all. It's not a scary ride, but it's not a terrible ride. It's just not worth waiting in a long line for.

  5. i went to six flags like two weeeks ago;i was soo excited to go on the dark knight. me and two of my friends waited in the line for 2 hours and 10 minutes.when u get inside, first u enter a little room, and its FREEZINGGGG COLD. u feel like ur in antarctica or something. then u wait inline and watch people come out in dissapointment.its so bad..the worst ride ever. totally NOT worth the wait

  6. Okay I got to Six Flags, I was really excited, and the day was pretty good. Until 3:30, I went to Dark Knight. I really wanted to ride an awesome roller coaster, and I got a two and a half our wait. . . for an unsucessful attempt to frighten people. I thought it was going to be a huge outdoor coaster on Superman proportions. I saw it was in a building and I said, It's a pitch black roller coaster. When I got off, I found my self saying, It was the biggest waste of time I've ever taken. Those of you who love high flying awesome coasters, do not let this trick you, the only part that's a bit fun is the little video at the beggining of the ride, and as the guy would say1 FLAG :(. The ride itself was probably. . .2 FLAGS 🙁 And the wait for it is-6 FLAGS #@%^&Go on Raging Bull afterwards and it's all better though so my day turned out pretty good after all.

  7. I went with my wife Monday. Not as long a wait as some, around 1.5 hours. Then we got in the building to see the little video with Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart, who played him in the movie. Then, MORE WAITING. Not long now, right?! Then we got on the car, which seats four. AND DOES NOT STOP FOR YOU TO GET ON. It just slows down. Could twist an ankle, have your own amusement park. The ride itself was… Well, it left ALOT to be desired. If I could have set up shop at the entrance to the line telling people the evils of waiting so long to ride a poor "coaster" I would have. Hairpin turns are great, on large coasters. This was like a coaster at a county fair. All crammed into a building. Start high up and ride it to the bottom. And the guy farting in line for an hour did not help either…I would not and did not recommend it to anyone. People asked me all day on other rides if I rode it yet, and I told them not to waste their time, and nor should any of you. Ride the Nitro or El Toro instead. Heck, the good ol' Great American Scream Machine was better. AND GET A FLASH PASS. Then people can be mad at you all day instead of you mad at them!

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