Dominator Construction Photos | Kings Dominion


Exclusive Shot of Dominator Progress at Kings Dominion
Last weekend, I happened to be in the Doswell, Virginia area so I took a few shots of Dominator. As you can see, the lift, drop, and world’s largest loop are all complete. I’ll leave the up-close, professional shots to the experts at sites like CoasterCrew and KDConnection. Plus, I didn’t want to get in trouble. I didn’t have my press pass with me.

Dominator - Kings Dominion - Roller CoasterFor more on Dominator including an onride video, check out this popular Dominator post and join the discussion.

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  1. I was just there today, looks awesome can't wait for it to be finished! i came here hoping you had some dirt on why they dismantled the Hypersonic.. i was doing the Xtreme Sky Flyer, and noticed there wasn't a track i was about to hit!… hah.. do you know anythign?

  2. I never found out officially why KD removed Hypersonic. But I noticed it was up for sale for many months. It has to make you wonder why no one else wanted it. My guess would be that it's pretty expensive to operate and maintain and maybe the ridership was low. Does anyone else know why Hypersonic is gone?I can't say I'm sad to see it go. Check out my Hypersonic XLC review. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hypersonic is my all time favorite ride (i'm over 30), but i can imagine it's too intense of a launch. I mean how many rides get you to OVER 60 miles an hour in LESS than ANY vehicle on the road. Most figures are still over 4 seconds just getting to 60! On top of that after that, it's over, the ride is itself less than a 20 seconds long. My wife thinks she blacked out, and i KNOW i saw stars! The longest stretch of the ride is waiting at the launch pad. And can you really count waiting in line as part of the ride?? There are usually huge waits on weekends so i think the ridership being low is untrue, it's next to shockwave and kind-of hidden in the very back of the park, but it's hard to miss. I think Cedar Fair has something against their pneumatic air launch coasters since both in their posession have numerous maintenance issues such as XLC and their other taller ride, Top Thrill dragster, it's longer and taller with a few twists but it too is plagued by not only unpredictable issues, but also passenger experienced rollbacks, and trains getting stuck at the top! Do a search on youtube for top thrill dragster, as much as i like rides, i don't want any part in an unreliable ride. It's got to be quite the intense experience. 😉 I imagine that the bottom dollar is why they don't want to deal with them, higher costs, and scared riders. Anyone ever play roller coaster tycoon? sometimes rides are TOO much for people to enjoy. Personally i think they should have not begun dismantling it UNTIL they sold the ride, but hey i don't work in the business so what do i know?!?! Glad i got one last ride in last season, I hope someone in the US buys it so i can ride again!


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