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Most Visited Theme Parks in North America
Have you ever wondered which parks have the highest attendance? Recently, the Themed Entertainment Association and Economics Research Associates released their Attraction Attendance Report for 2007. The majority of the most visited parks are in warmer climates and as such, they are open year round. The first seasonal park was Canada’s Wonderland which came in at 14th.

Top Theme Parks for 2007 by Attendance (in millions)
1 Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World – Lake Buena Vista, FL – 17.0 M
2 Disneyland – Anaheim, CA – 14.8 M
3 Epcot at Walt Disney World – Lake Buena Vista, FL – 10.9 M
4 Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Lake Buena Vista, FL – 9.5 M
5 Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Lake Buena Vista, FL – 9.4 M
6 Universal Studios – Orlando, FL – 6.2 M
7 SeaWorld Florida – Orlando, FL – 5.8 M
8 Disney’s California Adventure – Anaheim, CA – 5.6 M
9 Islands of Adventure – Orlando, FL – 5.4 M
10 Universal Studios – Hollywood, CA – 4.7 M
11 Busch Gardens Africa – Tampa, FL – 4.4 M
12 SeaWorld California – San Diego, CA – 4.2 M
13 Knott’s Berry Farms – Buena Park, CA 3.6 M
———-Seasonal Parks———-
14 Canada’s Wonderland – Toronto, Canada – 3.2 M
15 Busch Gardens Europe – Williamsburg, VA – 3.15 M (Review)
16 Cedar Point – Sandusky, OH – 3.12 M
17 Kings Island – Cincinnatti, OH – 3.0 M
18 Hershey Park – Hershey, PA – 2.9 M
19 Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson, NJ – 2.7 M (Review)
20 Six Flags Great America – Chicago, IL – 2.6 M

No real surprises in the first 13 or so, but the listing of seasonal parks is interesting. I’d already heard about Busch Gardens Europe’s record attendance thanks to Griffon and the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown bringing tourists to the area. But I didn’t know that BGE outpaced Cedar Point. That’s quite an accomplishment that my favorite park could outdraw the center of the coaster universe. Six Flags barely has a showing in the top parks, which is unfortunate considering they have so many parks. And Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is located in California and is open year round is suspiciously missing.

What do you think about the Top 20 Theme Parks by Attendance? Are you surprised by the attendance records above. Leave a comment below.

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  1. I think Busch Gardens Europe is a fabulous park and it should continue to move up in the ranks. Cedar Fair is a park full of great thrills and waterside resorts however, Six Flags is showing some steam as they are recently combining great theming and record breaking thrill rides to their parks. As I know you (Coaster Critic) prefer Cedar's Top Thrill Dragster to Six Flags' Kingda Ka. I also have to admit Top Thill Dragster is more original in terms of its race car theming. However, Six Flags elaborates further by providing its guess a highly themed Golden Kingdom area full of ruins, scuptures, a tiger exhibit, and a tiger show. Six Flags is creating themed lands as well as themed rides. I think that Six Flags parks especially, Great Adventure, Great America, and Magic Mountain deserve a spot higher up the list as guess start to pick up on their new family/thrill image. Maybe hotel/resorts are in the works for Six Flags in the near future.

  2. You made some good points Trav. Six Flags is trying to work on its image and cater more to families. Theming wise they have a ways to go. The Golden Kingdom and Dark Knight coasters are a start, but SF has so many very weakly themed coasters/areas like the parking lot coaster Great American Scream Machine that Busch, Islands of Adventure, and of course Disney are way ahead on the theming front.I've never really though about whether Cedar Fair or Six Flags has better theming. Sounds like an idea for a post.Thanks for stopping by Trav.

  3. Hello (Coaster Critic). I agree. The Scream Machine may eventually go due to Six flags new family/theming mission. There is much room for improvement. However, Six Flags is at least realizing that change is imperative. I believe with the release of "The Dark Knight Coaster" ,for example, assuming its success, we will see a lot more theming and bigger budgeted rides over the next few years. By that time Six Flags will compete better with Busch Gardens Europe and even Universal's Islands of Adventure(a long shot, but, possible). I thing a blog about Cedar Fair's theming vs Six Flags would be interesting. Overall, look out, a new Six Flags theming overhall is approaching quickly.

  4. Canada's Wonderland is in Ontario, just north of Toronto. Montreal is in Quebec and is over 6 hours away by highway. Just thought you'd like to know. Nice site by the way!

  5. Thanks for the correction. I'm obviously not too good with my Canadian cities. I'll have it straight after I visit LaRonde and Canada's Wonderland.Thanks for stopping by.


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