Pony Express @ Knotts and MotoCoaster @ Darien Lake

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Both Coasts Get Zamperla MotoCoasters in 2008
Zamperla will be bringing their motocoasters to the U.S. in two different installations. MotoCoaster at Darien Lake, near Buffalo, NY will be a stock installation with bikes that riders will mount. Staying in step with Knotts Berry Farm’s western theme, the Pony Express will feature horses. ScreamScape has a real picture of the horse trains.

The rides will also have different layouts. Pony Express will zoom a path around Knotts Berry Farm while MotoCoaster will be a more contained ride as it is a clone of Zamperla’s prototype. Both coasters will have launch speeds that will be fun, but nowhere near intense. While its only 40 mph, 0 – 40 in 2 seconds will be pretty exhilarating. Besides, both parks could use a ride that appeal to wider audience than those ultra-intense thrill machines.

Check out these construction photos of Pony Express.
Also, check out this video of a MotoCoaster:

What do you think of MotoCoaster at Darien Lake and Pony Express at Knott’s Berry Farm? Leave a comment below.

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