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SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge Roller CoasterSpongeBob Rock Bottom Plunge | Nick Universe
The park formerly known as Camp Snoopy located in the Mall of America is now Nickelodeon Universe. The re-branding is being accompanied by two new Nick-themed coasters including the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge and Avatar Airbender. Check out this test video of the Spongebob coaster below:

SpongeBob is a compact looping coaster made by Gerslauer. It’s a custom euro-fighter model in the same vein as Dollywood’s Mystery Mine. Instead of trains it runs single cars that appear to seat 8 riders. Rock Bottom Plunge will feature a 90-degree vertical lift, a loop, and a great looking heartline roll. It’s a pretty small coaster, but it looks like a fun ride.

Any Minnesotans excited for this ride? Leave a comment below.

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  1. i have ridden this coaster three times (i live about half hour from the mall), and this ride kicks butt. It may not be the biggest or set any records, but there is something about going straight up literally into the rafters of the park. The ride feels like it is stopping at the top[ of the hill, but it just barely makes it over. This and the avitar ride are two totally different expireinaces. You should make it up for Nick Universe, which also has a pretty cool shuttle coaster that takes you around the entire park and even through paul bunyuns log chute, which is built inside a mountain, plus a spinning car coaster called the fairly odd coaster. Along with Valley Fair, with wild thing and renegade, which is not located more than a half hour away from the MOA, t would be worth your trip.

  2. I went on this coaster a few days ago. It was my first upside down roller coaster. It was really great. If you ever decide to go ride the Avatar Airbender (its like a giant skateboard on a half pipe), Fairly Odd Coaster (Steel Coaster with a spinning car), the Paul Bunyan Log Chute (the classic log ride), and the Spongebob Rock Bottom Coaster (I walked right on, no wait!!). You can get unlimited rides for $20 so you can ride everything if you want!!

  3. This coaster was pretty fun, but my head got quite the thrashing during some parts. I kind of had a headache, but other than that I thought the first drop was fun–more exciting than I anticipated for such a small coaster.

    • Almost anything can be fun at 90 degrees.


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