Batman Dark Knight Coaster Construction Photos


More Batman Dark Knight Coaster Photos
NewsPlusNotes has some great photos that give us a behind-the-scenes look at the new Dark Knight coasters coming to Six Flags Great America, Great Adventure, & New England. There are even some real photos of the ride’s cars from the Great America version.
Dark Knight Coaster - Six Flags Great AdventureDark Knight Coaster - six Flags Great AmericaDark Knight Coaster - Six Flags New England

It’s cool to see more photos emerge as specifics on the ride have been a little hard to come by.
UPDATE – Thanks to Trav for finding these construction photos posted by Great Adventure. More Dark Knight coaster news. Are you excited about the Dark Knight coasters? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Check out the latest pics inside the Dark Knight Building on Six Flags Great Adventure site. It will blow you away.

  2. After Batman and Robin Chillers turned out to be so disappointing, (it was broken 98% of the time) I really hoped that Six Flags would replace it with an awesome ride. WRONG. Dark Knight is the biggest, most overhyped rip-off I've ever seen. It is nothing more than your basic carnival mousetrap style roller coaster encased in a semi-dark building. (had it been completely black, it maybe have added a little thrill to this lame-o ride but they even got that aspect wrong too) No corkscrews, loops, or even a decent dip. The animatronic figures, flashing lights, etc. (at least those that you can actually see) are merely annoying, not scary. Everyone who came off the ride all had the same comment: "Not worth the (2 hour+) wait".


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