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Manta - SeaWorld OrlandoA First Look at SeaWorld Orlando’s Manta
The B&M flying roller coaster that’s rumored for SeaWorld Orlando is all but confirmed at this point. Concept art has emerged oddly enough on a British site. The Disney Information Bulletin Board has posted three pieces of concept art. The pictures show a B&M flying coaster themed as a manta or sting ray skimming the surface of the water.

It’s still not clear how these ‘up-close animal encounters’ will work, but Manta looks to take the flying coaster concept to whole new level just as Magic Mountain’s Tatsu did. *UPDATE* The DIB has removed their page on Manta, so I’ve included the remaining photos below:

Manta - Sea World OrlandoSea World Orlando - Manta Coaster

Follow Me on TwitterUPDATE 5/16 – I’ll be tweeting live all day from the Manta Media Day and while I’m at the other Orlando parks this coming Thursday the 21st. So make sure you follow me on Twitter for all the live updates, mini-reviews, and first impressions.

UPDATE 5/30 – Check out my full Manta review including photos and videos.

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Manta at SeaWorld Orlando? Leave a comment below. All pictures copyright Busch Entertainment Corporation.

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  1. I think Manta is the coolest!!!!!!

  2. I can't wait to bring my son on this ride, it looks awesome. We get Sea World annual passes every year and now we have Aquatica passes too. Upgrades like Aquatica and this ride will keep us annual pass holders!!! Whoever came up with this idea should be commended!!

  3. I know from the coaster enthusiasts and thrill ride communities, Manta will change the perception of SeaWorld. Most mention that there's not a whole lot of rides and really only one major roller coaster (Kraken). But with Manta they'll be more for die hards like you Annie and a better chance enthusiasts like myself will fork over 50 or 60 bucks to go to the park. Now I'm just waiting for the official announcement.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I think the addition of the Manta will definitely bring in the young adult crowd.

  5. with Bolliger and Mabillard in on it, it is sure to be a hit!


  7. I just rode it and it was absolutely amazing!!!! I've ridden every FL coaster and by far this one is the best. Doesn't matter where you sit the view is the same, however, experience wise back row for definite. Kid you not, this is the only rollercoaster that I've scream the entire ride. AWESOME!!!!

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun. I've heard that it has had a soft opening. I guess you were one of the first. I can't wait to get down there and experience it for myself.

    Thanks for reading!

  9. I rode this ride already and thought it was Awesome! Both smooth and elegant, Manta can also be intense and thrilling; especially when going through the Pretzel Loop. The ride AND the line for the ride were great! The line anticipates the ride with its Manta motif and aquatic elements that include aquariums, lights and lots of fish and rays. One of the best rides in Florida, and by far the best flying coaster. Love it!


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