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Six Flags News Orleans May Reopen in 2009
Six Flags New Orleans (formerly Jazzland) has been flooded ever since Hurricane Katrina heavily damaged Louisiana in 2005. An amusement group is interested in reopening the park. Since the flood, Six Flags has done very little. Last winter, they were able to salvage one of the coasters. Batman – The Ride was relocated and re-branded as Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Southern Star Amusement Group is working with Six Flags and city officials on a proposal to reopen Six Flags New Orleans for the 2009 season. The proposal includes:

Installing a water park for 2009, creating a world-class amusement park open year round, providing 60 rides, nearly doubling the 32 rides formerly at Six Flags, adding five entertainment areas with names such as Area 51, Tumble Weed Gulch, Cricket Creek Bog, Fort Thunder and Country Fair, and an RV park so visitors will stay longer.

This could be great news for the New Orleans area. From reading some of the comments below the article some residents are skeptical, but others point out that kids in the area need something to do. Also, there’s always the hope that the park will bring jobs and money to the area. Read the full story.

What do you think of Six Flags New Orleans’ proposed reopening? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I think that reopening the theme park would be a great idea because it would give children something to do instead of being stuck at home doing nothing. The city of New Orleans and surrounding areas is very boring right now. If this theme park reopens, I think it will attract a lot of people as well as tourists; especially if the water park opens. We need some type of excitement. This is why I think the park should and hopefully reopens. (I've been a resident of St. Bernard for the past 18 years and went to Jazzland and Six Flags New Orleans every year it was open. I do plan to go back when it reopens.)

  2. I really do hope that they reopen Six Flags!!!!! But, I hope they do it the same the way it was at first. That park was very, very fun.It wouldn't be fair not to put it back the way it was.

  3. ok wow i went to both jazzland and six flags. which was my first job. clean up crew. 😀 it is very boring in new orleans right now. my only thing is dont put it on the same spot. if another hurricane will hit againg. cause hate to say this but everything happens twice. another hurricane like katrina mite happen in a few weeks. may be next week. or it could be another 40 to 50 years like betsie. but it will hapen againg. BUT HELL YEAH OPEN IT UP. IM TIRED OF BLUE BAYOU. haha thats gonna be ghetto water park. should name it katrina fills. DONT TAKE MY but yeah it would be crazy and tey should have like an opening concert in there like wit celeberties and cant wait 😀

  4. I really hope they do open Six Flags. But something I'd like to be seen reopened more than Six Flags? Jazzland. That was the greatest bankrupt amusement park that I'd ever been to. Haha. But in all seriousness, I think it's great that they're reopening a great amusement park. I remember going almost every weekend and I especially remember being there for the Grand Opening. [:

  5. I didn't even no that the Big Easy had a 6 flags.

  6. Good I wish it would reopen… I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and I remember going to Six Flags for spring break… Now there's nothing to do here now – Katrina took it all away… I remember waiting in the line to ride the "Joker"….Yet another piece of my childhood washed away by Katrina.

  7. I'm from New Orleans and I'm very upset about this. They REALLY NEED to open six flags new orleans back up! we need something to do!!! but if they reopen it back, i would hope they keep it the same as it was before the hurricane. :'(

    I feel like everything there is just so cold now. wut happened to all the times at six flags when everybody was so happy and stuff?? they need to do something about this and quickly. it has been 5 yrs since the hurricane. its time for some progress.

  8. i am just wondering if they are going to sue or re open i live in arkansas i am one state above la and i am wondering whats going to happned

  9. did they tear down the amusmaint park last month or still doing it or what


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