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For April Fool’s Day I thought I’d recap some of the strangest stories that I’ve covered since I began this blog. Looking at some of these headlines you would think that they were prank headlines for April Fools, but they’re all true stories.

Scattered Ashes Found on Disneyland Rides

Human Remains Found on Disneyland Rides
So it’s a slow news week in the coaster world, but this story caught my eye on TMZ. Apparently, some park guests are scattering the ashes of loved ones on several Disneyland attractions. Last Friday, security cameras caught a woman dumping a white powder into the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Read the full story>>>

Hulk Coaster Saves Woman’s Life
Super Hero Ride Saves a Life
There’s been a lot of news lately about coaster accidents. You’re still a lot safer on a roller coaster than any other moving vehicles. And here’s a story of the Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure actually saving a life. Read the full story>>>

Alton Towers Seeks to Control Weather
Park Seeks to Control Weather to Improve Attendance
Alton Towers, located in Staffordshire, England, is home to a world-class roller coaster in the B&M invert Nemesis, and other notable coasters like Oblivion, Air, & Rita Queen of Speed. The park is also home to some pretty dreary weather. They’re looking to change all of that with cloud seeding technology. Read the full story>>>

Eat Roach & Skip Lines @ Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas Serving Up Some Bad Theme Park Food
Chalk this one up as one of the strangest park promotions ever. Dallas/Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram reports that park-goers can skip lines at Six Flags Over Texas by eating a roach. Not just any roach, but a 3-inch long Madagascar hissing cockroach. Down one of these crunchy babies and you get a Flash Pass for the rest of the day. Read the full story>>>

Theme Park Lets You Experience Illegal Immigration
The Strangest Theme Park in the World?
Ever wonder what it’s like to sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border? Me either. Well, Parque EcoAlberto lets you take part in the experience of illegally immigrating to the USA. Read the full story>>>

What do you think of these strange stories? Leave a comment below.

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