Accident @ Cedar Point | Wildcat Injures Nine


Accident on Cedar Point’s Wildcat, Nine Treated for Minor Injuries

Cedar Point’s off to a bit of a rocky start with the first roller coaster accident of the season. A car on the Wildcat rolled back into the station as it was ascending the lift hill. IT slammed into several cars in the station. Thankfully, injuries were minor. Nine people were treated for bruises and sprains at the park’s first aid center. One person was sent to the hospital to be looked at. According to Cleveland’s WKYC:

“Park spokesman Bryan Edwards says the Wildcat won’t run again until the cause of the problem has been determined. The state Department of Agriculture inspects amusement park rides. A spokeswoman there says inspectors suspect a problem with the ride’s track.”

Wildcat is a 1979 Schwarzkopf Wildcat. I guess they weren’t too inventive with the name. It’s only 50 feet tall and maxes out at 40 mph. Due to a slow moving line, I skipped it when I was at Cedar Point in ’06. It’s small by today’s standards, but looks like fun. Hopefully they’ll find out what caused the problem, fix it, and get it back up and running.

What do you think of this roller coaster accident on Cedar Point’s Wildcat? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of

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  1. Cedar Fair is doing one in Santa Clara

  2. You're referring to Great America's new wooden coaster for 2009. There are rumors that it will be a GCI, so it could be a clone of Renegade, Evel Knievel or Hersheypark's Wildcat, which is what you're probably alluding to. Nothing official yet though.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. could someone find out how far it was into the lift before it rolled back. hopefully not too far up because if it came down backwards around the semi sharp flat curve that brings the cars from the station to the lift, i figure that would have been some hurtful laterall g's (necks, and left torso especially).

  4. I loved the Wildcat… the end was a little "ow", but it was fun nonetheless. I remember it feeling a little rickety and not quite Cedar Point standards, however… I wouldn't be too disappointed seeing the Wildcat replaced with a similar wildmouse-style ride… a spinning one would be cool, too. I mean, doesn't this just give the Point an excuse for an update?

  5. My friends where in that accident


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