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First Fahrenheit Video & An Early Incident | Hersheypark
YouTube strikes again! This time some coaster fans video taped Hershey’s new Intamin looper with the beyond 90-degree drop, Fahrenheit. The ride’s in its testing phase and won’t open until late May. The women taping the video remark that Fahrenheit looks slow. It looks fine to me, but they may be on to something.

Apparently, Fahrenheit valleyed a week or so ago. A roller coaster valleys when it runs out of momentum and can not finish its circuit. I was thinking that this was ultra rare, but apparently it used to happen on Magic Mountain’s X quite frequently. I guess that’s what all that testing is for.

**Update** Fahrenheit’s open!
Check out Coasterdom’s video of Fahrenheit at Hersheypark:

For more info, check out Hershey’s official Fahrenheit site. And the rest of my Fahrenheit posts. What do you think of this first look at Fahrenheit? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I can't wait to go on Fahrenheit! I am going to HersheyPark 3 days and I want to try it out. Any advice?

  2. Sadly enough, it's not opening until memorial day weekend.

  3. OK, so i drive 12 hours on my vacation from raleigh north carolina to niagara falls new york to go to Canada's Wonderland for the 1st time, and experice some Canadian border fun, pick my friend up that lives in niagara falls, drive six more hours to hershey park PA to experience farenheit together, get rained out the 1st day their so pay to stay in a hotel a second night only to go back to hershey the next day and wait in a almost 2 hour que that was only half full, for hershey to be running only 2 trains on there new star attraction memorial day and day after memorial day, only to be the most disappointing for the trouble i went through coaster i did since top thrill dragster opened. The best part of the ride was the vertical lift. The 97 degree drop was barley noticable (maybe i could not feel the force very well because i was sitting in the front seat wich ofcourse would not pick up speed until midway through the drop), the unique inversion element following the drop was way overly-hyped up(though the best part of the ride besides the last bunny hill). I particulary noticed how slow it seemed while waiting in the que versus how fast i thought it would run through the elements, but i thought the slowness would be a good thing being that it would creat a better hang time through the inversions. I was wrong, the negitive g falling out feeling through the inversions would have been much better as speed through positive g inversions, had the coaster been faster. It was extremely disapointing as this was the new coaster i was most hyped to ride even more than behemoth (wich i also tackled this trip wich also does not even come close to its predicesors such as nitro or even apollos chariot, by the way). Storm Runner is still the best steele in hershey park by far. "Farenheit 97 degrees and falling"….very slowly. as far as beyond 90 degree drop coasters i've been on, Maverick is still the best. Dollywoods Mystery Mine is even much more forcefull than this over-anticipated coaster.


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