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Simpsons Ride Opens at Universal Studios FloridaSimpsons Ride - Universal Studios Florida

Last week, the new Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida opened. Island of Adventure Central has coverage of the grand opening. Universal went all out for the event. Visitors adorned blue Marge Simpson wigs handed out by the park. And Krusty the Clow was on hand to lead an orchestra during the ribbon cutting. The ride is a six minute long simulator ride taking passengers through the Krustyland theme park. 24 characters from the show appear during the ride including Sideshow Bob who has just escaped from prison.

The technology behind the ride includes 80-foot IMAX dome screens, Sony projectors, and hydraulic cars with 12 Dolby surround speakers. There’s also a cool reference to the park’s history. A video in the queue includes a cameo by an animated Doc Brown from Back to the Future voiced by Christopher Lloyd. The new Simpsons Ride is built on the location where the Back to the Future ride once stood.

The Simpsons Ride sounds pretty cool. Have you ridden it already? What did you think? Leave a comment or a review below. Image courtesy of
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  1. Loved it! If you are a Simpsons fan do not delay- it is worth the high price of admission. If you liked the Back to the Future ride you will appreciate the new technology that makes it a super fun experience!

  2. this was great to me it wasn't better than back to the future or something that makes you want to reride but its a nice addtion to the park

  3. I loved the Simpsons clone in Hollywood. I was laughing the whole time

  4. This ride is awesome!!!!

  5. This ride was once The Back to the Future ride. All it has is new paint, new video and new theme. Everything else is the same from when i first rode this ride in 1991

  6. Never did get a chance to go down to ride the Back to the Future ride. After recently Tell tell games has made a game that takes place 6 month after the last movie. I still wish the back to the future ride was still available. I would of rather went on that even if it was older instead of the Simpson ride. 🙁


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