X2 Opens at Magic Mountain


X2 Officially (Re)Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Rob Alvey from ThemeParkReview was at Six Flags Magic Mountain’s X2 Media Day. X2 is the much anticipated ‘remix’ of X, the world’s first 4th dimension coaster. I smell another Coasterology 101 post. Six Flags promised the special effects and new trains would really add to the experience. According to Rob, it sounds like they succeeded. His coverage is packed with photos of the ride and opening ceremony as well as an onride video. See TPR’s complete X2 review…

Possible West Coaster Trip
I really got to get out West. I’m hoping to make it out to California this year with a visit to Magic Mountain. It’s the Cedar Point of the West as it boasts 16 roller coasters. (And it actually removed a few in the past year!) It has a few monsters like Tatsu, Goliath, & Superman The Escape. I’d like to see for myself which of the mega parks has the best lineup.
Have you ridden X2? What’d you think? Leave a comment below.
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  1. All I Can say Is that it's PSYCHO!!!The Musics Great throughout the ride the effects are great and its way smoother than you would think.Personally I liked riding it at night because it just amplifies the effects and makes it even ore difficult to comprehend the insanity you are experiencing. 10/10

  2. I just rode X2 yesterday. I will -NEVER- ride that again. Ever. Here's why…1- It broke down. So we were waiting in line for only 30 minutes extra (not so bad) but in 102 degree heat (that's bad). The reason they closed it for forever and a half was to kick out the bugs and make it cooler right? If only….2- I noticed they changed the harnesses a lil' bit. When X premiered with its Butterfly Harness it felt very nicely across my shoulders. Being 6'2"…I thought that was very awesome…they finally designed a coaster to fit the taller people. X2, not so much. I felt that they made the harness a bit wider so it didn't fit so well on top of my shoulders which made flipping over and such a much more worse experience to add to it all.3- The music and the woman whispering X2 was annoying and loud. It was crap. The mix of the music sounded like someone on acid crack just downloaded some freebie sound editing program, and then put it together in 5 minutes. The only thing that made sense was the countdown to free fall. The only good thing about the music was at the end where they played the end theme from the Matrix (i think its called Wake Up) so that was a nice break from the annoying mix….but as everything else does…it came to an end followed by the annoying X2 woman.4- The engineering of this ride fails. Miserably. The concept of it is totally awesome, but the seats rocked back and forth SO much, my head slammed on the back of my head rest at least 3 or 4 times very violently. Not counting the numerous times my head continued to hit the back of my head rest. I've ridden on X before and I knew it was a lil' shaky and I was prepared for it as well…but not this bad. I had a very bad headache after the ride was over and the stupid woman whispering the annoying X2 did NOT help. The people at Arrow Dynamics need to get their team back on this ride and feel what I felt….so they can shut it down again and fix the violent motion that the seats make when you're on the ride.5- So being in the 102 degree heat in the middle of the freaking desert….whats the best new thing to add to a ride to make it even more "awesome"? FIRE! Yeah! Lets just randomly blow fire in your face at the end of the ride to make it more "awesome"…not like we need to save gas resources or anything.Overall…When X first opened it was nice and smooth. The turns and flips were very nice and it was a very awesome experience being on a coaster such as that. With X2 it has gotten MUCH MUCH WORSE. The music is obnoxious. The burst of fire is unneeded in the middle of the desert. And the whole ride experience gave me a much unneeded headache. I will never ride this ride EVER AGAIN and I will warn ANYONE who goes there to NOT RIDE IT. You're not missing much. Its basically the same ride, only a helluva lot more bumpy (we're talkin' shaken baby syndrome here people), painted differently, and with added effects that are beyond pointless.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I've copied your reviews over to my full X2 review.

  4. I think x2 is the best ride ever!! I dont think its bad @ all!!! the music is hilarious in the beginning! love it!! I rate this ride 10 out of 10!!

  5. ya i really dont get the point of the music in that ride! I would hate to be the ride operator on x2 having to listen to x2 all day!


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