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Alien Apex Theme Park Seeks Private InvestorsAlien Apex Theme Park
Strangely enough aliens have been in the news quite a bit recently. Earlier this week, Stan Romanek released an image from his video of an alien peering into his window. Not too long ago, the Vatican said it’s okay to believe in aliens. Add to that the appearance of aliens in a classic movie franchise featuring a guy with a whip and a hat.

This is the perfect time for an update from Bryan Temmer whose dream of an alien theme park in New Mexico is getting closer everyday. Alien Apex Resort is the name of his proposed theme park that he wants to build in the legendary Roswell, New Mexico. According to a Herald Tribune article, he had the state funding he needed to get started, but lost it at the last minute. Now, he’s looking for private investors. If the park ever gets off the ground, it will feature an alien abduction dark ride or roller coaster. For more check out this video of an Interview on Fox News.

What do you think of the idea of an alien theme park? Leave a comment below.

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