Evel Knievel @ Six Flags St. Louis Opens


Daring New GCI Woodie Debuts at Six Flags St. Louis
Today, Six Flags St. Louis’ opened its ninth roller coaster with the debut of Evel Knievel. The Great Coaster International woodie was my #4 pick for the Top New Roller Coasters of 2008. Knievel’s a clone, but in this case that’s a good thing.

It’s based on Thunderbird at PowerPark in Finland, which came ranked 10th on the 2007 Internet Coaster Poll. If this design was a success once, it should be again. Six Flags could have another world-class wooden coaster. For more, check out the propaganda, I mean press release.

Until there’s an onride video of Evel Knievel, (probably being uploaded to YouTube as you’re reading this) check out this press video of Evel Knievel coaster:

Have you ridden Evel Knievel at SF St. Louis? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. We rode it the 1st day, it was a fantastic ride and a great tribute to the legend that is Evel Knievel!


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