Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds


Mysterious Box Appears at Carowinds, Teasing 2009 Roller2009 Carowinds Roller Coaster Coaster
ScreamScape has pretty much confirmed the rumors that Carowinds (located near Charlotte, NC) will be getting a relocated Vekoma Boomerang next year. The coaster is shuttle coaster that was formerly Head Spin at Geauga Lake. Now a box has mysteriously appeared at the park’s entrance. Like, Cedar Fair did with Kings Island’s Diamondback, Carowind’s is teasing the new ride with another unknown ‘beast in a box’ teaser. This time its an actual box and not a teaser web page. The box is a crate that been shipped from oversees. It has Asian script and has a sign in English stating: ‘WARNING LIVE REPTILES’.

So let the name game began once again. What’s the name of this new-ish coaster? Python, Cobra, Anaconda. I’m not up on my Asian reptiles. The only one that comes to mind is Godzilla. Leave your guess below. Image courtesy of ScreamScape.

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  1. Um…dragon anyone?

  2. That's a good guess. Cedar Fair already has an 'Iron Dragon' at Cedar Point. They may just re-use that name again like they recently did with Diamondback.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I heard it was going to be called either King Cobra or Carolina Cobra.

  4. The stickers that say things like TOP SECRET and DO NOT TOUCH do seem a little phony.


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