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X2 - Magic Mountain Six FlagsThe Most Extreme Theme Park on the Planet
I’m taking my first coaster trip to the left coast. California’s known for Disneyland, but it’s also home to what’s possibly the most extreme theme park anywhere, Six Flags Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain boasts 15 roller coasters with an another one, Terminator, coming in 2009. Just a few years ago, the SoCal park had more coasters than Cedar Point.

More Twisted Steel Than Tatsu - Six Flags Magic MountainAnywhere on Earth
With a total of 35 inversions (loops) in the entire park, Magic Mountain’s steel lineup has the most inversions of any park by far. (Next, is Six Flags Great Adventure with 21.) Included in the inversions, is a roller coaster landmark. Revolution has the world’s first modern vertical loop. The recently enhanced X2 is the only 4th dimension roller coaster and it’s said to be an unbelievable experience. Tatsu is the most impressive looking flying coaster around. Superman – The Escape was formerly one of the fastest coasters with a top speed of 100 mph. Lastly, Riddler’s Revenge is a record-holding stand up coaster and Goliath boasts the 6th longest drop in the world.

I’ll be visiting the park this Thursday. Anyone have any ride tips or general park tips for a first timer? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Here's my tip … take ME, take ME!!

  2. I don't know if you meant to specify the United States, but X2 is not the only 4th dimension coaster in the world. Fuji-Q Highland has one, as well.

  3. You're right. Eejanaika at Fuji-Q Highland in Japan is the other 4th dimension coaster. Good catch. I was a little lazy writing this post and forgot to include 'in the U.S.' for X2.Thanks for reading.

  4. Head straight for X2 when the park opens. The lines still get long for this one so get it out of the way first. Then skip Viper and Revolution and head for Tatsu. From there you should work you way from the top of the mountain to the back of the park and then around to the front. Here's a list of the coasters in that order- Ninja, Superman, Deja Vu, Gold Rusher, Riddler's Revenge, Batman, Scream, Colossus, Goliath, Revolution, Viper. Canyon Blaster and Perc'ys Railway are for the kids (and credit whores). Hope that helps. Enjoy Cali….

  5. Thanks for the game plan! I've heard the wait for X2 is around 2 hours so you're probably right, I should get that out of the way first. Unfortunately, I won't be at the park when it opens. My plane doesn't land until 10:30. I've heard LA traffic is insane, but I'm hopeful that I can get to the park around noon.Thanks for the tip.

  6. Traffic souldn't be so bad leaving the LA area going to Valencia on weekdays. You could always get a flash pass. Don't forget about Knott's. They have a great little collection of coasters. Enjoy.

  7. Next time you come to Cali, go on at least 2 rides, V2 Vertical Velocity and Medusa.

  8. You do need to go on medusa. Its aaawwwweeeessssooooommmmmmmeeeeeeeee.

  9. isnt it bizarro now?

  10. Lucas is talking about the Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA.


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