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Will the Best Coaster on the Planet Still Be the Best?Superman 2009 Transformation
When I first saw the news that Six Flags was going to add new enhancements to their masterpiece, Superman – Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England, I was cautiously pessimistic at best. I’m generally a very positive, easy-going guy, but I’m a bit concerned that Six Flags is messing with the best roller coaster on the planet. Since it’s debut in 2000, Superman has won 4 Golden Ticket Awards and its placed at the top of Mitch’s Internet Poll several times. It’s worth noting that Six Flags re-uses the Superman name on many of their roller coasters, but New England’s Superman is a completely unique and awe-inspiring ride.

According to the press release:
“Going above and beyond traditional steel coasters, this state-of-the-art invention will undergo a revolutionary makeover. The adventure will send riders up 20 stories while flying through fog banks, fire bursts and heart-pumping audio for three minutes and twenty two seconds of extreme thrills.”
Ride of Steel - Superman 2009I’m fine with the enhancements above, but the transformation will also include newly renovated trains. The trains are my biggest concern. Today, Superman offers an amazing, air-time packed ride. Although, I’ve heard that recently the ride is starting to show some age. I caught some flack for my negativity in a few message boards, but I’m just nervous and feel that it’s not a forgone conclusion that these enhancements won’t hurt the ride. I’m slowly being talked down from the ledge. Hopefully, I’m over-reacting and Superman will be as good as ever.

Read the full press release for more details.
Read my full review of Superman @ Six Flags New England.

What do you think about these enhancements? Do you think Superman will turn out better, worse, or the same. Images courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. Are they putting speakers on the trains like on Led Zeppelin – The Ride?

  2. are there any rumors for cedar point in 2009 ???

  3. Eric – Yes. I think the 'heart pumping audio' refers to the speakers that will be mounted on the new trains. I must say, they did add a lot to the Led Zeppelin coaster.Damon, I haven't heard any good Cedar rumors for 2009. But check back I'll post any that might have some merit. Thanks for reading.

  4. I heard from a friend who works at the park that they are adding trains with shoulder restraints partly in response to the guy who died a few years ago after being flung from the train. I think this will help because ever since the guy died they have these really annoying leg restraints that for tall people make the ride much less enjoyable. I do hope they don't ruin the ride because it is really one of the best and knowing Six Flags they could really screw this up.


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