The Kevin & Nate Show Returns


Coasterdom’s Podcast Returns & Brings the Funny
The Kevin & Nate Show is one of my favorite podcasts. Kevin Toth and Nate Nagele from the long-running theme park blog Coasterdom recap the biggest stories in the amusement industry. They hadn’t had a show since May so it was great to hear the guys again. During the 58 minute show straight man Kevin and jokester Nate basically do a 2008 wrap up show along with a nod to next year’s coming attractions.

News of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Terminator: The Coaster, brought out Nate’s hilarious Schwarzenegger impression. The more the guys let their personalities, likes, and dislikes come through in the show, the better the show is. Take a listen through their podcast player here. You can also, download the show at their podcast page. Parents, this episode is PG.

Do you listen to any theme park podcasts? Leave a comment below.

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