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I now have a “Coaster Critic” Facebook page. I tried this well over a year ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a page versus a profile. For some reason Facebook just didn’t believe that “The Coaster Critic” was my real name. So finally, I took the time to figure it out and set up a page. It wasn’t hard, just not very high on my priorities. I’ve got some of my favorite pictures from my 2008 Theme Park Trips, a short Led Zeppelin video I took, and slots for friends to share their pics and images. Visit The Coaster Critic on Facebook

On MySpace Roller Coasters Are People Too?
I also updated my MySpace page which I hadn’t touched in many months. Those of you new to MySpace coaster geekdom might be surprised to find that many of my friends are inanimate objects, but its par for the course on MySpace. The site’s littered with roller coasters that have their own profiles, like this Loch Ness Monster profile. Apparently, Loch Ness Monster is a straight married Aries that unfortunately doesn’t want kids. It’s a shame too, because a “Son of Loch Ness Monster” coaster would probably be pretty sick. Visit The Coaster Critic on MySpace

MySpace vs. Facebook – The Traffic
I’m a web analyst by day, so I couldn’t help but share this Alexa chart showing the emergence of Facebook. As many of you may already know Facebook is taking over the social network scene from once king MySpace. This chart which shows the traffic of users with Alexa toolbars illustrates the point. Back in April of 2008, Facebook surpassed MySpace in terms of reach for these Alexa users.Do you frequent Facebook or MySpace? Which do you prefer and why? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I Use Both At The Same Time And I Put All My Roller Coaster Creations On My Blog……


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