Knoebels Removes High Speed Thrill Coaster, Adds New Ride

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High Speed Thrill Coaster Removed from KnoebelsKnoebels is a Central Pennsylvania park that’s small, but beloved by enthusiasts for its old school traditional feel. This winter, the park removed the ironically-named High Speed Thrill Coaster. I skipped the coaster when I was at the park, but from the looks of it, it wouldn’t be a high speed thrill for my two year old. I know that parks need kiddie and family attractions, I just think this ride’s name couldn’t have been more ironic.

Also, Knoebels recently confirmed their purchase of the Golden Nugget mine ride from the seaside South Jersey amusement park Morey’s Piers. The ride’s been described as a nostalgic and iconic New Jersey attraction. It’s been such a prominent ride over its 34 years of operation that Morey’s Piers is having a Farewell Ceremony this Saturday, January 31st.

Knoebels has an outstanding collection of classic rides and roller coasters so the Golden Nugget will have a perfect new home in Elysburg, PA. Amusement Today has more on the Golden Nugget. Also, for more Knoebels, check out my Phoenix, Twister, & Haunted Mansion reviews.

Also, check out this video of the High Speed Thrill Coaster in action:

What’s Your Take?
Will you miss the High Speed Thrill Coaster? Have you ridden the Golden Nugget? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. I've ridden the Golden Nugget many times back in the 1960s and 70s. It's was my favorite ride since I first rode on it at the age of 3 and was still my favorite when I last rode on it in my early 20s. I loved Disney World, but *NOTHING* there even came close to the thrill I always got when the Golden Nugget mine cars started their climb up that first hill. I'm hoping Knoebels restores it as close to the original as possible (there are several websites with pix of the exterior and most of the tricks). But even if they totally redo it, I'm sure I'll still love it. I've never been to Knoebels, but I'll definitely be bringing my family there as soon as the ride reopens!

  2. You'll love Knoebels Michael. It's an excellent park with a more traditional feel. It sounds like a perfect home for the Golden Nugget. Check out my Knoebels review.

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the High Speed Thrill coaster. It was one of those rides that I grew up riding. Heck, I still loved it even as an adult. I'm sad to see it go. In the back of the coaster I still got air.

    I've never heard of the Golden Nugget, but I'll know about it in September.

  4. according to RCDB, it will be replaced whith a woddie called the black diamond.

  5. Black Diamond is what they're renaming the Golden Nugget. HSTC was replaced by Kosmo's Kurves

  6. i love knoebels park and campground. i have been going to the park for 35 years . my nana and papa last name Mann and Kanashar are from MT. Carmel. the park is like my life every summer we come home to go to knoebels and camp for a week. as long as i can say the prices are great. the park is the cleanest park around. the cabins are clean and all the rest rooms are clean. prices go up all the time. no one has money to take there family on vac. but at knoebels you can bring your whole family to the park and eat swim and camp for 1/2 the price then any other park. this is the best family park around the united states ever. and what park can you park for free? Knoebels you can. If you are hot you can swim, and take a shower and go back to the park, that is great. the cost is less the 10.00 for a person to swim thats great. the pool is very clean and the showers are clean also. you get lockers and their is even a kiddie pool. waterslides and food that is not a lot of money. if you and your family want a great time for very little money come to knoebels for the time of your life,like my family has . my daughter has been coming here her whole life , she is 17. her family will come here. this park is part of the Mann Schopfer Marchetti Lutton life. we pray the park stays a familt owned park and that it stays here for many many more years to come. i will be 100 years and i will still want to come to knoebels every summer. we make at least 10 trips in the summer to the park for day trips. and 2 times to camp evert summer, thank you. janice lutton

  7. With air-time that could compare to a junior Phoenix, your mindset of this ride is all wrong. The restraints were not something that locked. They would fly about when you went over hills. The lift was insanely fast for a kiddie coaster, and it was quite fast. The ride was a perfect stepping stone for young riders.


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