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Thrillator - Web 2.0 Theme Park NewsI love web sites that use new technology and change the way we learn, connect, and share information. In the theme park webiverse there aren’t a lot of cutting edge web 2.0 web sites. Even theme park blogs and podcasts are just really starting to take off in the amusement park community when both have been around for several years. So, I’m excited to see sites like Thrillator.

Like my defunct site Theme Park Syndicate (that fell victim to spam and security issues), Thrillator builds on the user-driven news site platform made popular by sites like Digg. So, users can submit, vote on, and discuss news items. In addition, theme park fans can share photos, videos, and even write reviews. I really hope Thrillator takes off. While there are a lot of great theme park web sites out there, Thrillator offers something a little more interactive. Visit Thrillator

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  1. I just visited thrillator a moment ago, and it`s mostly adds, whatever you were praising CC, and i don`t know when this article was posted, i don`t think it is what it used-to be.

  2. Um… the guy probally sold it or something, It's basicly all adds.

  3. Yep. The owner gave up on the site. Many don't realize that web sites don't just blow up over night. He should've stuck it with it, Thrillator was a pretty cool site.

  4. Do you Know if s/he made any more sites.

  5. wait… you said that TPS went under, but u are giving it an upgrade… why?

    • I took the old Theme Park Syndicate down, but I re-launched it in November.

      • makes sense.


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