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Carolina Cobra & A Carowinds 2009 UpdateCarolina Cobra Train Arrive at Carowinds
Carowinds recently posted pictures of Carolina Cobra’s new, unique train. Next month, when Carolina Cobra opens it will be the only Vekoma boomerang coaster in the U.S. with these open over-the-shoulder restraints. The rough ride that these shuttle coasters sometimes have may be remedied by these new restraints.

Carolina Cobra Media Day
My first trip of the season will be at the Carowinds media day for the Carolina Cobra at the end of March. After seeing parks relocate and recycle rides for years it’s cool to see a park go above and beyond. The paint job, theming and the special train go a long way in making this more than just another Vekoma boomerang installation. So, you can expect a full review of Carolina Cobra along with complete coverage of the event.

Recently, Coaster World News interviewed Danielle Swords from Carowinds. CWN spoke with her about Carolina Cobra, Nighthawk’s new look and 2010 rumors. Check out a video of that interview:

For more information, see:
Official Carolina Cobra Site
Carolina Cobra’s on Facebook (While you’re on facebook, become a fan!)

What’s Your Take?
Any Carolinans excited about the Carowind’s new coaster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi, Joel! I'm in need of a coaster fix! Carowinds opens at the end of March and is an easy weekend trip for me. Since it's your home park, do you have any idea how crazy it might be on opening day? I can't wait until May for our parks to open up north!

  2. Hey, Judy. I've never been on opening weekend, but I wouldn't think that it would be that bad. From my experience, parks in this part of the country so early in the season don't get swamped until at least May.

  3. I get season passes every year and go on opening day. It is never crowded except for Nighthawk cause they only run 1 train. Maybe crowded at first for Cobra but still other rides are usuallly line free. I could ride the Carolina Cyclone over and over anyway.

  4. So how was opening weekend? I had to have a spinal tap last Mon., so my neurologist said no coasters for 10 days. Instead of going to Carowinds, I spent today competing in a kayak race in northern PA. (Neurologist didn't say no to that … or maybe I just forgot to ask!)

  5. How tall do you have to be to ride the Carolina Cobra? My little sis wants to ride it badly and she heard you have to be 48 inches but I dont want her to get her hopes up for nothing.

  6. None.., Yep. It's 48 inches. Here's a link to the rest of Carowind's height requirements.

    Thanks for reading.

  7. At Carowinds the height restrictions are so strict. If your like a millimeter below the height restriction then they wont let you go on the ride. Well i know why they do this. If somehow that person gets hurt on the ride and they see she is below the height restriction they would be sued

  8. Special "trains" on the Carolina Cobra??? Kind of hard to do since only ONE train (singular) can run on the track!

    • Gotta love the random commenter who adds nothing to the conversation, but a nit-picky correction. 🙂

  9. Now why don't they add these col trains to some of Vekoma's, non boomerang, head busters like The Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia. That ride really does beat you up!! It would be a fantastic ride if it had some smooth restraints like these; what with its speed and loops over water. SMH.


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